25 photos that will inspire you to visit Yukon, Canada

The Yukon. A place where there are more bears than humans (40,000 versus 30,000), a “nice rack” refers to antlers, the sun doesn’t set for months, and the Aurora Borealis dance across the night sky.

It’s no wonder that many people who visit this northern Canadian territory skip their return flight and decide to stay forever, wooed by the azure lakes, towering mountains and stillness that is only found in places where you can drive on a main highway for hours without seeing another soul.

Here are 25 photos that will inspire you to visit the Yukon.

Haines Junction, Yukon

An abandoned house in Silver City

Haines Junction, Yukon

Kathleen Lake

Haines Junction, Yukon

Kluane Lake

Near Fish Lake

Near Fish Lake


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Haines Junction, Yukon kluane glacier

Kluane National Park

Haines Junction, Yukon kluane glacier

Kluane National Park


Kluane National Park

Haines Junction, Yukon

Kluane National Park

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Dawson City


Dawson City


Dawson City

Dawson City

Dawson City

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Tombstone Territorial Park

Azure Lake in Tombstone Territorial Park

Tombstone Territorial Park

Tombstone Territorial Park

Tombstone Territorial Park

Tombstone Territorial Park

Tombstone Territorial Park

Tombstone Territorial Park

Tombstone Territorial Park

Tombstone Territorial Park

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Seven Rapids

Five Finger Rapids



White water rafting down the Yukon’s Tatshenshini River

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Drinking a Sourtoe Cocktail in Dawson City, Yukon



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32 Responses

  1. John Gentry says:

    I love your photo collection. I have been into the Yukon many times, and look forward to the next time.

    • Wonderful, thanks John! I loved the Yukon so much, and just found out I’ve been invited back this winter! I’m excited to see it in a different season and share my experience with everyone again 🙂

  2. Amazing photos. I am ready to visit Yukon.

  3. Allison L says:

    Isn’t that Five Finger Rapids? The one labelled as “Seven Rapids.”

  4. Lisa says:

    I have lived here for forty years as of June 21 and there are so mnay places that you have missed in this list- a good start for sure but I am glad to hear that you are coming back so you can find even more. The one thing about the Yukon is that you will come for the place and stay for the people. We are a pretty remarkable grouping of humans from all walks of life (if I do say so myself!) and people who visit should spend the time finding the places and people as well! Chances are pretty great that if you show interest in the Yukon, a Yukoner will open their door and offer up a meal and probably a friendship you never thought you’d find! Now THAT is the spell of the Yukon!

    • Thanks Lisa, I love the Yukon too! I made it back up this winter (stay tuned for that post!) but would love to return in summer again and poke around more in the backcountry. What a beautiful territory we have!

    • arctic_front says:

      Lisa, I had lived in Yukon for over 30 yrs and sadly had to move away. My family still lives there and I was recently back.. I think the phrase you might be looking for in regards to the people….
      ‘The colourful 5%’ And you are correct, there is so many places to see and photograph that this list of 25 photos barely scratches the surface. Great pictures nonetheless.

  5. M. Brown says:

    Seven Rapids is really Five Finger Rapids just north of Carmacks on the Klondike Highway.

  6. Emmy Wenting says:

    Yes the Yukon keeps drawing me back. My family moved there from the Netherland way back in the early 50’s, when living there was very primitively and the population of the whole Yukon was 5000. It has grown substantially since then!. I have been back several times, and even moved back as an adult for 7 years. The scenery is phenomenal with all the lakes and wild life. It is a totally different life from the big city. I did a lot of travelling right up to Anchorage over the top of the world highway. That is a sight to remember! I am 75 now and still want to visit again with friends and family!

  7. Paul Wysman says:

    I could share a few with you from around Old Crow and Rampart House.

  8. Janet says:

    The photo near the bottom of the above photos is not “Seven Rapids” but is in fact Five Finger Rapids. Please correct thisunder that photo. Thanks very much.

  9. Rick says:

    I miss my home

  10. Nina says:

    I am very happy to have the possibility to be “summer resident” of the Yukon for 13 years already! Coming with the cranes and going back with them! Once even my stay there included the winter! Ticket for this summer already in the pocket! I love the Yukon! There are so many beautiful places – South and North Canol Road, Dumpster Hwy., Haines Hwy, South and North Klondike Hwy. Beautiful Highways from where goes in the wilderness! Never have enough!!!

  11. Sheila mcgill says:

    Beautiful I’m sold

  12. allison l says:

    i really enjoy these things i would visit anytime i got

  13. Fernando says:

    Realy nice pictures!!! I´m from Mexico and would like to visit Yukon and travel in the railway..

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