5 awesome things about hotel booking site Yonderbound

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Look out Expedia: there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to hotel bookings. Yonderbound recently entered the travel-sphere, billing itself as a way to “inspire people to travel while making money along the way.” The site relies heavily on the recommendations of its users who create Yonderboxes featuring their top accommodation picks, then rewards them by offering a commission for anyone who books through one of their boxes. What else makes it so great? Here are five awesome things about Yonderbound.

It pays YOU to travel

You know all those reviews you post on Trip Advisor? Well here’s a way to finally get paid for your time and insight. Yonderbound’s model means you can still post all that helpful info for fellow travellers, but when you put it in a Yonderbox and someone books a hotel through it you get 70 per cent of the net revenue. That works out to about $7 for every $100 worth of bookings, which is returned in the form of a travel credit that can be used toward any booking on the site. Not too shabby for something you would have done for free.

BONUS: It’s super easy to easy up for a Yonderbound account, and those who sign up via this link will also get a $10 credit right off the bat.

It’s a one-stop shop

Being a Type-A traveller, I put a lot of effort into picking the right hotel for my trip, and spend hours reading Trip Advisor ratings and doing price comparisons. The nice thing about Yonderbound is it cuts out half the work for you, as the reviews and Trip Advisor ratings are right in the boxes. There’s also a map feature, so you can check if the property that claims it’s “oceanfront” actually is.


Another bonus is that there aren’t any unexpected surprises when it comes to pricing. What you see is what you get— so say goodbye to all those annoying taxes that pop up on other sites when you go to actually book.

It’s so pretty!

One of the best things Yonderbound has going for it is its beautiful interface. Like Pinterest for hotel bookings, the display has pretty pictures of each hotel and there’s a little heart on the corner of each listing that essentially allows users to “like” the property and easily add it to their boards. It can also inspire some serious wanderlust for those pursuing categories such as Best Overwater Bungalows.


It has great selection

Yonderbound allows users to book at nearly 400,000 hotels, resorts and hostels around the world—that’s a lot of choice! The variety means users can find anything from a $30 room in the Philippines to a $1,000/night honeymoon suite in the Maldives.

Water villas in the Maldives.

Water villas in the Maldives.

There are also some weird partnerships in the tourism industry meaning that some hotels won’t post their rooms on certain websites. Yonderbound seems to have skirted this issue, as I found the spectacular Hotel Arts in Calgary on its website, whereas you can’t find that property on big-name sites like Hotels.com.

It’s great for planning

Anyone who has ever planned a group trip knows the pain of trying to get everyone’s feedback on a resort, which usually you have to email out in the following ugly format:

The nice thing about Yonderbound is it’s super-easy to create a Yonderbox containing your top accommodation picks, and from there you have the option to share your box via e-mail, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook. Easy-peasy!

yonderbound-shares Those who have no idea where they want to go may want to try Yonderbound’s Explore section. It features Yonderboxes sure to give anyone some serious travel inspiration, and also allows users to zoom into general areas such as the Caribbean which then leads to specific properties throughout the islands. The hardest part will be deciding which island to head to!

resort beach canopy beds
While it remains to be seen how successful Yonderbound will be down the road, it’s a fantastic site set up with users in mind which has come up with a perfect way to reward travellers for their expert advice. After all, who doesn’t like a great recommendation?

What’s your favourite hotel booking site, and why? Share in the comments below!


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  1. Sara Beth Wade says:

    Great idea! Especially for sharing info–though I think you mean 7% of the profit, not 70%.

    • Hi Sarah! So I actually checked with Yonderbound about that number as it looked funny to me as well, but they assured me it’s 70% of the net revenue, which works out to approx. $7 on a $100 hotel booking.

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