5 reasons to book your next Europe vacation with Air Transat

London, England. Courtesy of Shutterstock.

London, England. Courtesy of Shutterstock.

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When it comes to planning a vacation to Europe, any time is a good time to visit. Spring means sunshine and less crowds, summer sees bright blue skies and flowers in full bloom, autumn is perfect for exploring historic sites framed by a backdrop of colourful fall foliage, and the world-famous Christmas markets pop-up during the festive winter season.

From picking which countries to visit to choosing the excursions that will make the most of your dream trip, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to planning a European jaunt. All those decisions can sometimes seem overwhelming, but fortunately one Canadian company is making the process a little easier. Here are five reasons to book your next Europe vacation with Air Transat.

shutterstock_244374862 #1 Direct and Multi-Destination Flights

With so much to explore across the pond, no one wants to spend their precious vacation time stuck in an airport. That’s why Air Transat’s offerings are so popular, with direct flights to spots like Dublin, Brussels, Athens, Lisbon and Lyon which aren’t typically served directly by other carriers from Canada. They also have several options for connections, linking travelers to nearly 30 destinations around the continent including charming Zagreb, picturesque Prague and romantic Venice.

However, there’s another feature that really helps people make the most of their trip: multi-destination flights. Air Transat allows guests to fly into one European city and leave from another, at no extra cost. That means it’s easy to land in London then fly out of Glasgow for those wanting to explore the UK, or arrive in Barcelona then leave from Lisbon for those keen on relaxing along the sunshine-drenched coast.

Barcelona, Spain. Shutterstock

Barcelona, Spain. Shutterstock

#2 Customizable Itineraries

Speaking of multi-city visits, Transat can also help with arranging the logistics a European expedition with their multi-city packages. Their holidays combine up to four cities, such as seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, visiting a vineyard in Bordeaux, exploring the Irish coast, then unwinding on the Mediterranean coast in Nice. Sounds magnifique, non? A la carte options are also available, including flights, accommodation, rental vehicle and activities.

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A trip to Paris? Don't mind if I do! Courtesy of Shutterstock


#3 Guided Excursions

They say getting there is half the fun—which means once you make it to Europe there’s a whole lot more adventure to be had. Transat organizes fantastic excursions, such as cycling tours between the towering castles in France’s Loire Valley, through Portugal’s Douro Valley vineyards and even along the breathtaking coast of Costa Brava, Spain. Getting around on two wheels is an unforgettable way to explore, and tours include flights, accommodations, baggage transport and some meals.

For those who prefer a more traditional way of sightseeing, Transat also offers around 40 guided tours throughout Europe, where expert guides lead well thought-out itineraries which will have guests staying at hotels in prime locations and travelling on an air-conditioned coach.

switzerland-emmental #4 Big Savings

Europe may boast iconic architecture, fantastic food (we’re looking at you, Italy) and a mosaic of cultures, but it comes at a price as it’s one of the most expensive continents to travel in. That’s where Transat’s Savvy Choice program comes in, which is similar to a best price guarantee. Guests choose the hotel star rating of their choice, and Transat will find an available room at a lower cost than its listed price. Travellers get to find out which hotel they’re booked at one month before departure—easy-peasy!

Florence, Italy. Shutterstock.

Florence, Italy. Shutterstock.

#5 Cruising Made Easy

Air Transat may be known as an airline, but did you know the company can also help organize your cruise? Cruising is a great way to see multiple destinations, without the hassle of packing and unpacking, driving around and checking into new hotels. Europe is one of the best places for it as most destinations are close together, meaning you won’t lose many days crossing large bodies of water. Transat makes booking a European cruise easy, since their packages include flights, the cruises and even transfers to the ship.




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