The easiest way to brew a great cup of coffee while travelling

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Unless you happen to be one of those green tea-swilling yogis who swears the key to their bubbly personality is water, meditation and a clean diet (yeah, right), everyone knows the day doesn’t really start until after that first sip of coffee. And that’s especially true when travelling, which can be a major lesson in pushing your energy levels to the max due to things like red-eye flights, pre-dawn hikes to catch a sunrise, time zone changes, and jet lag. #TheStruggleIsReal, people. However, not all cups of coffee are created equally, and unless you happen to be sipping an espresso in Italy or getting your java jolt in Guatemala there’s a chance that the brew your hotel room coffee maker spills out might leave something to be desired.

An obvious way to ensure your morning caffeine fix does the trick is to bring along the important components yourself, such as travel-size packs of your fave instant coffee or a device along the lines of a mini French Press if that’s your jam. However, there’s an even easier way to get a better brew without taking up as much of that precious room in your suitcase: by packing Melitta coffee filters and a Pour-Over coffeemaker.

Not only are the filters durable and lightweight (I just toted a bunch around Europe without any of them suffering so much as a tiny rip), but they’re also a key component of the acclaimed Pour-Over method which many baristas hail as the best way to make great coffee. Invented in 1908 by German housewife Melitta Bentz, the two-part filtration system sees a cone-shaped device placed directly on top of a mug or carafe, with a paper filter tucked inside. Coffee is placed in the filter, and then the hot water is poured in and drips through a hole at the bottom of the cone. The plastic, ceramic or metal cones ensure the coffee is brewed at the right temperature, regulates the flow of water, and guarantees a fresh brew since it’s made in one cup versus a big pot that might sit there for hours.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because the Pour-Over method is essentially the first edition of what would eventually become a drip coffee maker…but much more portable! Oh, and if you’re keeping an eye on your environmental footprint (which you totes are, right?), you’ll be happy to know Melitta’s paper filters are 100 per cent biodegradable.

So there you have it, an easy-peasy way to enjoy a better cup of coffee on the road. Now, if only it was as simple to whip up a martini in your hotel room…

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3 Responses

  1. Judy Pigat says:

    What a good idea! Saves time in the morning, too. My husband would love this. I always bring my own tag bags and Stevia syrup, too.

  2. Elsie Wollaston says:

    Remind us where we reliably get the boiling hot water that is basic to this “easy” process.

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