5 reasons I want to fly to Asia with Xiamen Airlines

Xiamen Airlines

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A trip to exotic Asia is high on many people’s bucket lists, whether it’s exploring China’s deep history, lounging on a sun-soaked beach in Bali, or jetting off to bustling Bangkok, Thailand before going island-hopping. Having just got home from India and absolutely loving it, my sights are set on a return trip to Asia soon—specifically to explore the other-worldly Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia, or a combo trip to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for the perfect mix of culture, history, gorgeous beaches and cuisine.

A beach in beautiful Bali. Photo by Omer Rana on Unsplash

While it’s a long-haul to get to Asia from North America, there’s one way to ensure your vacation starts even before you touch down on the tarmac: flying there with Xiamen Airlines. The company has operated since the mid-80s, and has been earning accolades ever since for quality and passenger satisfaction. A member of the SkyTeam Alliance, it boasts a fleet of nearly 200 planes operating 280 domestic routes in China, and 61 international routes connecting Europe, North America and Australia. Add to that an average fleet age of just five years old, and it’s clear why the airline has developed a loyal following. Here are five reasons I want to book my next flight to Asia with Xiamen Airlines—and you will too!

1) The routes

Long-haul flights can be tough to take, especially on itineraries with long stopovers. So it’s no wonder that Xiamen Airlines’ non-stop routes between North America and China are proving so popular, as passengers look for the quickest way to get from Point A to Point B. As of December 2017, Xiamen offers three direct flights and two non-stops:

  • Los Angeles to Xiamen
  • New York to Fuzhou
  • Vancouver to Xiamen
  • Seattle to Shenzhen then Xiamen
  • Los Angeles to Qingdao then Xiamen

Guests looking to continue on to other Asian hubs can also book on Xiamen, as it services destinations including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Manila. 

Xiamen Airlines services destinations including Singapore. Courtesy of Shutterstock.

2) The planes

There’s a reason they call it the Dreamliner—these babies take flying to a whole other level, even if you’re sitting in economy. Guests on Xiamen’s North American routes get the pleasure of flying in their Boeing 787 Dreamliners, where seats are more spacious than most planes. There is also inflight humidity, oxygen content and natural light simulation that help passengers beat jet lag and feel more rested by the time they touch down.

Xiamen Airlines
Those seated in first class are in for a treat: not only do the leather seats transform into flat-lay beds, but each seat has its own LCD screen and large windows perfect for enjoying the view from 30,000 feet.

Xiamen Airlines

3) The food and drinks

Let’s be honest: the best part about an international flight is the free booze. Xiamen Airlines doesn’t skimp when it comes to in-flight dining, serving up fine wines from France, Chile and Australia to accompany their wide range of meal options. From western cuisines to Chinese dishes (and custom meals for those seated in business or first class), Xiamen takes airplane food to a whole other level. Meals are capped off with a unique tea service where guests can sip on Jin Jun Mei (black tea) or Tie Guan Yin (oolong tea), which come from China’s Fujian province.

4) Free internet

It can be tough to go 15 hours without posting on Instagram or seeing if you missed anything on Facebook, which is why this next perk is so amazing: free internet! Xiamen Airlines provides guests with complimentary access on all North American routes, so passengers can stay connected even when they’re high above the clouds.

Xiamen Airlines

5) They support sustainability

In an effort to cut down on their carbon footprint, Xiamen Airlines is the world’s first airline to cooperate with the United Nations on sustainable development goals. It signed an official agreement with the UN in February 2017, and plans to contribute to green efforts such as saving energy and environmental protection, as well as supporting charities that work to aid education and end poverty.

This article is produced in partnership with Xiamen Airlines


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  1. Russell Bruce says:

    Excellent commentary since I just booked a flight from the Philippines 2 weekends away.
    Sounds unusually pleasant, given previous flights on other airlines to Thailand. One airline didn’t even offer food or drink and the seating was so narrow, my 6’4″ frame was spread far into the adjacent seat and the aisle!

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