Globe Guide

The beautiful beaches of Boracay, Philippines

Famous for its baking soda-soft sand highlighted by striking blue water and bright green palm trees, Boracay has a laid-back vibe that is perfect for those looking to get away from it all.

Learning to dive in the Philippines

Being from a land-locked city, I would have had to learn how to dive in a salt-water pool–versus the underwater paradise of the Philippines. Not a hard decision!

Canada Olympic Park: The perfect place for daredevils

Would you hurtle down a bobsleigh track reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h, with only a couple of wheels and a helmet between you and the hard cement? How about whipping down a zipline—from the top of an Olympic-sized ski jump? If you answered yes, then Calgary’s Canada Olympic Park is the place for you—you little daredevil!

My Top 5 Travel Misadventures

Anyone who has travelled, whether on a weekend getaway or around the world, has likely had at least one trip that didn’t exactly go as planned. I, my friends, have had five—so far. Fortunately they were not major catastrophes and were more of a minor inconvenience than anything, but that being said I have learned from them, and hopefully you can too!

How to go on your honeymoon for free

A growing number of newlyweds are forgoing the classic Macy’s/Crate and Barrel/The Bay registries, and turning to honeymoon registries instead to fund their dream getaways. Not only does it help cut down on the clutter (another toaster? Erm, thanks Aunt Margaret!) but it puts all those gifts to good use.

Why Twitter is a traveller’s new best friend

It used to be that when you had a problem with an airline, you either patiently stood in line at a ticket counter, or cradled a phone to your ear listening to horrid elevator music in hopes of finally connecting with a real person. Then, a wonderful wonderful thing was invented…Twitter!

Down to the desert: Highlights of Arizona

Arizona is famous for two things: golf, and the Grand Canyon. That being said, there is plenty more to do if you’re heading down to the desert—especially if the idea of 18 holes in the blazing sun isn’t your idea of a good time.