PHOTO GALLERY: The Netherlands

  • netherlands-flag
  • netherlands-amsterdam-canal-houseboats
  • netherlands-amsterdam-bikes
    Cyclists in Amsterdam.
  • netherlands-amsterdam-train-station
    Central Station in Amsterdam.
  • netherlands-amsterdam-anne-frank
    Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.
  • netherlands-amsterdam-iamsterdam
  • netherlands-amsterdam-artist
  • netherlands-amsterdam-pretty-house
  • netherlands-amsterdam-nemo
  • netherlands-amsterdam-houseboats
  • netherlands-amsterdam-museum-2
  • netherlands-amsterdam-red-light
    Amsterdam's Red Light District.
  • netherlands-amsterdam-coffee-shops
    The famous coffee shops in Amsterdam.
  • netherlands-amsterdam-mushrooms
    Amsterdam's Red Light District.
  • netherlands-amsterdam-red-light-district-store
    Amsterdam's Red Light District.
  • netherlands-amsterdam-heineken-brewery
    The Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam.
  • netherlands-amsterdam-heineken-beer-labels
  • netherlands-amsterdam-heineken-bottles
    Bottles at the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam.
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-bridge
    Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-de-haal
    Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-b&b
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-chocolate-store
    Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-clogs-3
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-clogs-family
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-facade
    Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-green-windmill
    Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-home
    Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-sculpture
    Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-town
    Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-windmill
    Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.
  • netherlands-zaanse-schans-windmills
    Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.

It may be a tiny country, but the Netherlands has been put on the map thanks to the spectacular city of Amsterdam. The city’s famous canals, world-class museums and notorious Red Light District mean it can be overrun with tourists, but it’s easy to escape the crowds and enjoy the scenic countryside in areas such as Zaanse Schans.


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