PHOTO GALLERY: Stunning Switzerland

  • switzerland-bern-city-landscape
    Bern, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-bern-city-view
    Bern, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-bern-view
    Bern, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-bern-statue-tower
  • switzerland-bern-cathedral
  • switzerland-bern-cathedral-facade
  • switzerland-bern-fountain-3
  • switzerland-bern-clock-tower
    The Clock Tower in Bern.
  • switzerland-bern-clock
    Inside Bern's Clock Tower.
  • switzerland-bern-clock-tower-centre
    The Clock Tower in Bern.
  • switzerland-bern-scenic
    Bern, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-bern-church
  • switzerland-bern-bridge
    Bern, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-bern-bear-park
    Bear park in Bern.
  • switzerland-bern-bears
    Bear park in Bern.
  • switzerland-bern-bear
    Bear park in Bern.
  • switzerland-emmental-burgdorf
    Burgdorf, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-emmental-burgdorf-castle-2
    A castle in Burgdorf, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-emmental-burgdorf-castle
    A castle in Burgdorf, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-emmental-bike-trail
    Biking through Switzerland's Emmental region.
  • switzerland-emmental-cow
  • switzerland-emmental-bakery
    A bakery in Switzerland's Emmental region.
  • switzerland-emmental-pot
    A classic way of making cheese in Switzerland's Emmental region.
  • switzerland-emmental-cheese-2
    Emmental cheese rounds.
  • switzerland-emmental-garden
  • switzerland-emmental-cycle-trail
    Biking through Switzerland's Emmental region.
  • switzerland-emmental-farms
    Emmental region.
  • switzerland-emmental-landscape
    Emmental region.
  • switzerland-lucerne-bridge-water
    Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-lucerne-boardwalk
    Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-lucerne-bridge-2
  • switzerland-lucerne-church
    Jesuit Church. Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-lucerne-facade
    Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-lucerne-lion
    Lion Monument. Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • switzerland-lucerne-sunset
    Lucerne, Switzerland.

Famous for chocolate, cheese, Swiss Army knives and those exclusive bank accounts, Switzerland holds the enviable position of being in the centre of Europe, making it extremely accessible for travellers. With an embarrassment of natural riches such as glaciers, pristine lakes, the Alps and lush green hillsides, it appeals to outdoor adventurers while still luring city slickers with world-class cities such as Bern, Zurich and Geneva.


The best of beautiful Bern, Switzerland—including that bear pit!

Exploring lovely Lucerne, Switzerland after a rough start

Cheese please! Cycling through Swizerland’s Emmental region

Just how expensive is Switzerland?

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