Why Pigeon Point is the best beach in Tobago

When it comes to beaches, the Caribbean has an embarrassment of riches. Black sand, white sand, pink sand, deserted sand banks or party beaches—the islands have something for everyone. Being lucky enough to have been to many of them I’ve become somewhat of a critic (What do you mean there are no washroom facilities? The waves are too strong here!), which made a beach we happened across in Tobago that much more impressive.

Pigeon Point Beach is the most popular stretch of sand in the tiny country, and for good reason.

Pigeon Point Beach.

Pigeon Point Beach.

Just a quick drive from where the cruise ships dock (you can easily hire a taxi to drive you there and back for about $20 each way) it’s a great pick for those only spending an afternoon in Tobago.  The beach is also only a few minutes from the airport, for those staying on the island longer. I’ll quickly let you in on its one downfall: you do have to pay $3 per adult to get in. BUT the entrance fee helps maintain a number of facilities in the area which you will no doubt use, so keep that in mind.

Pigeon Point is one of those postcard-worthy scenes—in fact, photos of its thatch-roof jetty have been widely used in tourism campaigns, making it somewhat of a symbol of Tobago. This jetty is where you will get picked up from if you choose to go on any excursions, like a glass-bottom boat tour (more on that later).

Pigeon Point Beach.

Pigeon Point Beach.

The brilliant white sand is incredibly soft and free from any sort of rubble, which continues as you walk farther and farther into the warm, aqua-marine water.

You can wade a great distance without the water going higher than your waist, which makes it a great option for those who aren’t confident swimmers.

The beach itself is lined with cute souvenir shops, food stalls, washroom and shower facilities, chair rentals as well as a number of people selling excursions like boat tours around the island. Negotiate! Since there are a few tour companies, you may be able to haggle down the price depending on how many people are in your group.

The most popular way to spend an afternoon at Pigeon Point is to hop on a glass-bottom boat tour of the nearby Buccoo Reef.

A glass bottom boat is great for seeing the fish below.

A glass bottom boat is great for seeing the fish below.

This incredible area is made up of five reef flats that make up a small lagoon, surrounded by coral. The locals have dubbed it the ‘Nylon Pool’ thanks to its brilliant colour, and you can expect to see a number of tropical fish, either by staying put in the boat or getting in with your snorkel equipment. Most excursions last up to two hours, and cost $15-$20 per person. It’s important to not to put your feet down if you swim, as you may damage the fragile environment.

If all you’re up for is a relaxing lounge on the beach, you have come to the right place to kick back and take in the scenery. Just make sure to pack your sunscreen!



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Pigeon Point Beach

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