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Canada Olympic Park: The perfect place for daredevils

Would you hurtle down a bobsleigh track reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h, with only a couple of wheels and a helmet between you and the hard cement? How about whipping down a zipline—from the top of an Olympic-sized ski jump? If you answered yes, then Calgary’s Canada Olympic Park is the place for you—you little daredevil!

A love letter to Calgary

We are so incredibly lucky.
That may be a strange thing to say just a few days after devastating floods tore through Calgary and southern Alberta. The muddy, brown water submerged entire towns, drenched complete neighbourhoods, washed away rail road tracks, hefty bridges and snapped trees like they were merely twigs.

O Canada! How to see the Great White North in two weeks

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, second only to Russia. Being that big means even most Canadians haven’t seen all that the Great White North has to offer, never mind a tourist who is only able to visit for a couple of weeks. But if you have a bit of time—and a lot of money—you’ll be able to see at least the main highlights.