The best eats in Belgium

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It’s safe to say that other than being the home of Tintin, the country of Belgium is most famous for its culinary creations. Here are three things you have to try before you leave.

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For such a small country, Belgium sure packs a punch on the international front when it comes to beer.

Being a 20-year-old girl when I visited, I was more preferential to drinks like fruity shooters and white wine, but was lured to the draft taps after learning about their flavoured beers. Even a non-beer drinker like me could appreciate Kreik, the cherry-flavoured variety, and Framboise, a delicious brew that tasted suspiciously like raspberry juice. There is no shortage of choices for the more manly bunch. There are hundreds of different labels pumped out by over 100 breweries, whether you prefer amber, blonde or brown ales, Flemish Red, stout or wheat beer.

Courtesy of Shutterstock

Courtesy of Shutterstock


If you’re not a drinker, get into the Belgian spirit by picking up some decadent chocolate. Belgian chocolate is world famous, and the country produces over 172,000 tons of the stuff every year. It’s also great to bring home as a souvenir, and shouldn’t be hard to find with more than 2,000 chocolate shops in Belgium. The capital of Brussels also has a number of museums dedicated to cocoa, including the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate where you can watch artisans at work and sample their tasty creations.

belgian waffles

Mmm waffles!


If your sweet tooth hasn’t got enough of a workout, head to the Grote Markt to pick up a Belgian staple—the famous Belgian waffle. Even if there’s a long queue, you probably still won’t have decided what to top your waffle with by the time you get to the front of the line.

An authentic waffle (called a Liege waffle) is about as big as your face, and you can top it with everything but the kitchen sink.

I went for ice cream, bananas, strawberries and chocolate sauce, but you could also go for whipped cream, raspberries or icing sugar. Hopefully you don’t have dinner plans!


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