The worst airport in Canada?

If you’re travelling to Canada, you might want to avoid the Toronto airport.

An annual survey from finds that a staggering 71 per cent of respondents think Toronto Pearson International Airport is the worst in all of Canada. However, the fact that it is also the country’s busiest may be to blame.

“By virtue of being the busiest and largest airport in Canada, it is always going to have the most complaints,” says Flight Network’s CEO Naman Budhdeo.

flight angry

There is a silver lining though: Toronto was also voted ‘most improved’ by nearly half of respondents, thanks to introducing self-serve border clearance, new dining options and iPads for ordering food and tracking flights.

It turns out that west is best when it comes to the top Canadian airports, with Calgary being voted the best overall followed by Edmonton and Vancouver.

“Calgary is clearly doing a good job keeping travellers happy,” Budhdeo says. “It ranks among the five busiest airports in the country, but manages to keep people moving and relevantly content, while continually looking for ways to make improvements.”

When it comes to the top complaints among travellers, long lines at check-in are the biggest pet-peeve for globe trotters. Delays in clearing security are also a cause for concern, followed by long waits retrieving baggage (which seems to happen in Toronto a lot), few food and drink options, and a lack of shopping.

Worst airports

  • Toronto Pearson: 71.3%
  • Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau: 12.8%
  • Vancouver International Airport: 8.3%
  • Edmonton International Airport: 4%
  • Calgary International Airport: 3.5%


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    […] The worst airport in Canada? […]

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    […] The worst airport in Canada? […]

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    […] The worst airport in Canada? […]

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    […] The worst airport in Canada? […]

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