Travel Friendly Links

Even the quickest trips take planning, and these websites are a great place to start whether you need to book flights, find a hotel or figure out how much that getaway will set you back.

Google Flight Finder: Simply incredible. Type in where you might want to go and for how long, and this search engine will find you the lowest price available, for months out. You can even sort results by airline, what time you’d like to leave or how many stops you’ll put up with.

Kayak: Playing around with destinations and dates? Kayak is great for not only finding low flight prices, but its matrix can search hundreds of airlines and travel sites at the same time–so you don’t have to.

Trip Advisor: The best website for scouting out lodging anywhere in the world, with unbiased, real reviews from travellers. Sure, some sour puss may give a great hotel a poor rating because they had champagne expectations on a beer budget, but for the most part the reviews will never lead you astray. Great for getting feedback about destinations and excursions, too!

Seat Guru: This site is brilliant in this new age of having to check-in and choose your seat before getting to the airport. Just type in your flight information, and a detailed map of the plane’s cabin will appear–complete with important info like which where the emergency exits are, which seats have more leg room and which ones don’t recline. Avoid those non-recliners at all cost!

XE: Not sure how many yen equals a dollar equals a euro? This easy-to-use currency converter takes out all the guesswork, so you won’t get a shock once your credit card bill arrives.

Loveholidays: This UK travel agency offers well-priced holidays to suit all vacation styles and budgets.

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