Where to go in 2017: The world’s hottest tourist destinations


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From the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in the USA all the way to the Great Wall of China, there are amazing sights and adventures waiting to happen. Whether you’re an aspiring traveler or a seasoned explorer, these five destinations are a must to add to your travel bucket list in 2017.


Peru is a land rich with culture and an unlimited number of things to do. Be sure to come prepared, as Peru has an amazing 28 different climates. Those include famous beaches and surf spots like Herradura and Punta Rocas as well as Pucusana and Santa Maria. Not much of a beach person? Visit the penguins in the Ballesta Islands or take a canoe down the beautiful Amazonian jungle. After that’s all said and done, visit the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu and buy plenty of native jewelry to cap off your amazing trip.

The Sacred Valley.

The Sacred Valley.


Next up we have London, England which attracted nearly 20 million tourists last year including many who visited for this festival in the Hippodrome. While you should time your visit for festivals, and see iconic monuments like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, be sure to check out some of the smaller attractions as well. These include the Rolling Bridge which literally rolls into an octagon every Friday at noon, St. Martins Window in Trafalgar Square and Camley Street Natural Park which is a beautiful place to take in the joys of spring.

London, England. Courtesy of Shutterstock.


Australia is next on the list. Be sure to visit the unmistakable Sydney Opera House, then venture out and explore spots like the Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach coastal walk. One place to explore is Uluru, a giant round eight-kilometre rock that gleams different hues of red and orange in the sunlight. Another place is the tropical rain forest of Queensland which is one of the oldest continuous rainforest dating back to prehistoric times. Finish off your trip by indulging in some great Aussie barbecue.

hamilton island catseye beach


No travel list is quite complete without making a trip to Dubai. Dubai has arguably the most stunning skyline in the world which includes four of the top five tallest buildings in the world. Dubai is an extremely tourist friendly place with an astounding 83 per cent of their population being foreign born. Be sure to visit the biggest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall. Even if you don’t have the funds to buy from the high-end stores, enjoy the scenery and take in the beautiful architecture and people. Round off your trip by taking in one of Dubai’s brunches which is an all you can eat, all you can drink buffet on Fridays.

South Africa

Last but certainly not least is South Africa. South Africa is home to breath taking nature and rich history. South Africa is home to the big five of mammals which include Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Leopards and Buffalo. Visiting Kruger National Park is a must to see all these amazing creatures and explore your own wild side. In addition to wildlife you can discover South African culture by visiting the house of Nelson Mandela and even visit where a 2.3-million-year-old fossil was found in the Cradle of Human Kind.


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