Cyprus - Globe Guide


With its laid-back vibe, warm climate, long beaches and captivating sunsets, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus ticks all the boxes for a holiday spot.

Paphos is the capital of Cyprus, boasting archaeological wonders including ancient ruins, medieval fortresses and the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite. It's also an ideal base for day trips around the country to see natural gorges, spectacular waterfalls, beaches and wine regions,

Limassol--Cyprus's second-largest city--is a bustling coastal hub renowned for its lively promenade, historic Old Town and vibrant festivals. Larnaca's palm-lined seafront sets the stage for this charming city offering a blend of historical sites like the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque and the picturesque Larnaca Salt Lake, known for its migratory flamingos.

Explore the Troodos Mountains where traditional villages, Byzantine churches, and hiking trails await amidst stunning natural scenery. The divided capital, Nicosia, is a unique blend of history and contemporary life, with its well-preserved Old Town, medieval walls, and the Green Line dividing the city into the Greek and Turkish sectors.

Cyprus's warm hospitality, archaeological treasures, and coastal allure create a diverse and immersive experience for travelers seeking both cultural richness and natural beauty.

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