Travel talk: The most surprising destinations
Travel writers share which destination surprised them the most—whether in the most wonderfully unexpected way, or because it was a total disaster.

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Globe Guide’s travel bucket list
With so many incredible destinations around the world, and even more things to do and see, it’s truly impossible to experience it all. With that in mind, I’ve made a bucket list of sorts, with the things I simply MUST do while I still can!

How to make a travel scrapbook
Call me old fashioned, but I can’t buy into the whole photo book craze. Instead, I scrapbook! Here are some tips for how to make a travel scrapbook.

A love letter to Calgary
We are so incredibly lucky. That may be a strange thing to say just after devastating floods tore through southern Alberta, submerging entire towns and snapping trees like they were merely twigs. But despite all that we were lucky, because now we have seen just how resilient and united Calgarians are.

How my VRBO booking lead to a post-Christmas nightmare
Police involvement, blatant lies and stolen money. My review of renting through VRBO, and how the company was involved in this Christmas holiday nightmare.


The 10 commandments of airport etiquette
Sometimes it feels like airports are the place that manners go to die, what with all the frazzled travellers and endless delays. With that in mind, the following 10 commandments of airport etiquette would go a long way in making for a better trip—for everyone.

5 reasons why solo travel is the worst
Solo travel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. From higher expenses to safety concerns, here are just a few of the reasons why I hate travelling alone.

A girl’s guide to surviving a guy trip
Tips for being the lone girl on a guy trip, including how to eat healthier, get in some sightseeing time, and of course- what to prepare yourself for.

Top 10 most ridiculous travel accessories
Some of the travel accessories that are out there aren’t doing people any favours. Here is a look at some of the worst offenders.

Why Souvenirs Suck
Will you ever wear that cheesy t-shirt again? Or those Aladdin pants you picked up in Turkey? Didn’t think so…

My Top 5 Travel Misadventures
Anyone who has travelled, whether on a weekend getaway or around the world, has likely had at least one trip that didn’t exactly go as planned. I, my friends, have had five—so far.


Globe Guide’s 2017: Epic adventures and some seriously deep thoughts
I’m not sure yet if this will go down as a year that will forever define me, but it’s one I’ll definitely never forget.

Globe Guide’s 2016: Karma, a new gig and a whole lot of Canada
From exploring all corners of Canada to sailing the Baltic Sea, here’s a look back at Globe Guide’s eventful 2016!

Globe Guide’s 2015: A year of highs and lows
2015 was a strange year of great accomplishments and travels, mixed in with some bad luck.

Globe Guide’s top Instagram photos of 2014
I’ve had great fun documenting my 2014 travels on Instagram, so here are the most popular photos of the year–as chosen by you!

Globe Guide’s 2014 travels: A photo journey
I travelled to 10 countries in 2014, and my adventures included a Galapagos Islands cruise, an Indian wedding, Oktoberfest and glamping in Slovenia.

My favourite travel photos of 2013
We’re just about ready to welcome in 2014 (where does the time go?!) and that’s given me a chance to look back on the year that was.