Aeroplan booking tool is a one-stop travel shop

Aeroplan booking tool is a one-stop travel shop

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There are three questions I always get asked as a travel writer:

“What’s your all time favourite destination?” (I could never pick just one country, but usually default to Italy. Because pizza and wine).

“How does your hair always look so good while travelling?” (OK so that’s a bit of a random one, but for some reason it comes up a lot! BTW, here’s how).

And finally…”What websites do you use to book a trip?”

Ah. So that used to be a toughie to answer. We all know there are a ridiculous amount of websites dedicated just to booking flights, never mind all the different portals for all-inclusive vacations, car rentals, accommodations, restaurants and tours. The list goes on and on, and despite being a jet-setter I found myself getting overwhelmed by all the options, and how many different sites I needed to navigate just to book a single trip. Seriously, who has time for that?!

And then, Aeroplan saved the day.

My fav travel rewards program’s booking tool is a one-stop travel shop. Along with flights, members can book car rentals and hotels in more than 50 countries around the world, and have the option to pay with cash or by redeeming their miles. It’s uber convenient because you can select everything you’ll need for that dream trip at the same time, which means there’s no need to scour multiple sites to plot out the perfect itinerary. And with access to 250,000 hotels and more than 11,000 car rental locations at competitive rates, you won’t have to waste your time shopping around to save a few bucks.

Members will also love the booking tool itself, which includes intuitive filtering and sorting options, easy-to-view payment selections, built-in TripAdvisor reviews and lots of great pictures. Because let’s be honest…surely I’m not the only one who books a hotel room solely based on what the bed and bathroom look like?

And now for the best part about Aeroplan’s booking tool: members can earn Even. More. Miles. Yup, we’ll get four Aeroplan Miles per dollar spent on all cash bookings, which means you could potentially earn enough for a short-haul flight reward on just one trip! Talk about a no-brainer. And from March 18th to April 14th, you can get double the miles on hotels and car rentals booked with cash – that’s eight miles per dollar spent!

Thanks to Aeroplan, I not only have a new go-to site for booking my entire vacation at once, but I finally have the perfect answer to that third question I always get as a travel writer.

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