The best smartphone cases for travellers

The best smartphone cases for travellers


Thanks to increasingly good image quality, lightweight profiles and the option to shoot panoramic photos and selfies, many travellers are leaving behind their bulky cameras in favour of documenting their trips with smartphones. And while the phone itself does most of the work, having the right case can help the phone do double-duty. From waterproof housings to built-in battery packs, here are some of the best smartphone cases for travellers.

Note: All of the models noted below are available for both iPhone and Android devices.


NÜÜD by Lifeproof

LifeProof is one of the best in the biz when it comes to protecting gear on the road, which is why so many outdoor adventurers swear by the brand. The company’s NÜÜD and FRĒ models are particularly popular, as they can protect a smartphone from almost anything Mother Nature throws at it. The cases seal phones from snow, ice, dirt and dust, and protect against drops from nearly seven feet high.

NÜÜD by LifeProof

One of the best features is the waterproof seal, which can be submerged up to 6.6 feet for one hour—perfect for getting shots while snorkelling, kayaking or rafting. The screenless technology on the NÜÜD model leaves the front of the phone open for easy use, while the FRĒ has extra screen protection to ward off scratches. Even those who don’t find themselves in the backcountry may want to pick one of these cases up, to keep their phones protected in the event of a day-to-day mishap such as dropping their device.

FRE by LifeProof
FRE by LifeProof

Aquapac waterproof case

Another great pick is the waterproof phone case by Aquapac, which is submersible up to 10 metres/30 feet making it a good option for divers. One of its best features is that it has a lanyard swimmers can attach to their wrist or neck, meaning they’ll never have to helplessly watch their phone sink to the ocean floor again. In fact, some phone models can even float while in an Aquapac case. While Apple features such as TouchID won’t work underwater, users can still access the keypad, and use the volume controls to take pictures.
Aquapac smartphoneAquapac cases look more like a small bag than a case, meaning they also keep out things like dirt and sand, and can be used for many different phone models as it’s not a form-fit case.

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Travellers are always on the quest for the perfect selfie spot, but what about when the lighting doesn’t cooperate? That’s where the Kardashian-approved LuMee illuminated smartphone case comes in.


The case features front-facing, LED-lighting similar to a makeup mirror, which literally puts users in their best light. Those who find themselves taking a lot of photos in dark restaurants and nightclubs will be especially appreciative of the LuMee case—and those who might feel a bit bashful about turning the spotlight on themselves will be pleased to know the lights can be dimmed.

Mophie Juice Pack

There’s nothing more aggravating then heading out for a full day of adventures, only to have the phone run out of power before lunch. Enter the Mophie Juice Pack. This slim case has a built-in battery charger, making it easy to charge on the run without having to carry around extra cords. Mophie’s Juice Pack is also rounded and raised at the corners, which protects phones from wear and tear.
Mophie smartphone Have you used any of these travel smartphone cases, or have another one to recommend? Share in the comments below!


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The best phone cases for travel

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  5. These all look great, although I had a waterproof pouch like the one above and it was actually hard to press the screen to take any photos or video, since the plastic skin stuck to the cell phone glass

  6. Lots of great cases! I’ve been wanting to get a waterproof case and have been thinking about Lifeproof. We have Mophie battery packs but not the phone case–it would be another great option as well. Thanks for sharing these great options!

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  10. If you love to do traveling, you must keep your mobile phone safe as it is one of the important things that we should keep always. So I suggest you keep your smartphone in a smartphone case. there are various smartphones that are soft and waterproof as well. I have seen some on the Apple iPhone Support so choose the best case and protect your smartphone.

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