Beach bliss at the ChiloChill glamping resort in La Ventana, Mexico

“Why is everything here so comfortable?” I mumbled, face pressed into the mattress in our glamping tent, the right side of my body happily squished into an oversized pillow.

The light filtering through the white canvas overhead softened as the sun began to disappear behind the horizon and our daily happy hour awaited, yet even the promise of tangy lime margaritas served on a white sand beach couldn’t lull me out of bed.

ChiloChill glamping resort in La Ventana, Mexico

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It’s not that I was tired; in fact, earlier that afternoon I’d enjoyed an impromptu siesta in a woven blue hammock that cocooned around me, shaded by towering palm trees as the rhythm of waves lapping at the shoreline lulled me to sleep.

Considering I was at a place called Chilo Chill, this constant state of beach bliss shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

ChiloChill glamping resort in La Ventana, Mexico

ChiloChill glamping resort in La Ventana, Mexico

ChiloChill glamping resort

ChiloChill resort is a glamping spot on the outskirts of La Ventana, a wind sports mecca in Baja California Sur about two hours north of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

For years, kite surfers and boarders have been making annual months-long pilgrimages to these parts, loading up their vans with gear and driving down from the west coast of the US and Canada, lured by the consistent offshore winds that make La Ventana one of the world’s top kiting destinations.

One of the best waves is called Mushrooms (locals joke that “everyone wants to be on mushrooms!”), which is just a few hundred feet out from the beach that ChiloChill sits on, making it a prime spot for launch. In the height of the season which runs from November through April, some days see hundreds of kite surfers and foilboarders skimming along the surface of the surrounding sea.

Learning to kiteboard at ChiloChill

The glamping tents

An on-site kiteboarding school is just one of the perks of staying at ChiloChill, which has 10 glamping tents right on the white sand beach just steps away from the water. Rates start around $100 USD per night, and each has either a king size or two queen beds, a fan to provide some relief from the hot Mexican sun, and a private, open-air bathroom that even has a bathtub.

ChiloChill glamping resort in La Ventana, Mexico

Tents have tropical names like Cabo, Coral and Coconut, and are separated by carved wooden fences for added privacy. They also get their own set of chaise loungers and beach chairs surrounded by palm trees and cacti, and it’s not uncommon to see a cow meander by which adds to the charm of this laid-back La Ventana glamping spot.

ChiloChill glamping resort in La Ventana, Mexico

You don’t need to be into kiteboarding to stay here, since there are plenty of other activities including taking the paddleboards or kayak out on the water, soaking in the nearby natural hot springs and snorkeling.

SUP at sunrise in La Ventana

In fact, you don’t even need to be a guest to enjoy amenities like the healthy on-site restaurant, beach bar or hammocks since day passes are available. The price is just 300 pesos (about $15 USD) per person, which is an incredible deal considering the entrance fee also includes a drink and meal.

ChiloChill glamping resort in La Ventana, Mexico

ChiloChill glamping resort in La Ventana, Mexico

With its gorgeous tents, fun vibe, easy access to kiteboarding spots and fantastic beachfront location, ChiloChill is an unforgettable way to experience glamping in Mexico. Click here to book

ChiloChill glamping resort in La Ventana, Mexico

Globe Guide visited ChiloChill as a guest of the resort and the La Paz Tourism Board. As always, hosts have no editorial influence on articles.



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