Baby P makes three! Globe Guide’s biggest adventure yet

Baby P makes three! Globe Guide’s biggest adventure yet

Ready for the biggest news I’ve EVER shared?

More than 20 years after our first date, Dylan and I are thrilled to share that we’re expecting a baby!

Yes, we didn’t exactly rush into that one, did we. Here’s a bit of the backstory…

Dyl and I went to the same high school and had mutual friends, but didn’t know each other since he was a grade ahead of me. We ended up meeting on New Year’s Eve during my first year of college a couple weeks after turning 18, and shared our first kiss at midnight. Awww. 

He was my first love, and we dated for a bit but since we were both kind of idiots at that age it didn’t last that long. However the chemistry was always there when we’d see each other in the years that followed…then all of a sudden, 16 years and a whole lot of life went by until we ran into each other again. 

Remember that chemistry? Yup, it was still there, and we’ve been together since the first night we saw each other again in 2022 and have explored 14 countries together since!

Hiking in Waterton, AB

OK so fast forward to Christmas Eve 2023. We’d been trying to get pregnant for a little while, and a few days earlier I’d taken a test that came back negative. But then as the days kept going by and there were some indications that something might be different, I took another test the morning of the 24th.

And it came back…invalid.


So then I took a THIRD test, and finally this one lit up like a Christmas tree confirming it was positive. Great, but to be honest I didn’t exactly trust that brand of tests at this point so I went to the drug store to buy the bougie kind. 

Sure enough, those two also confirmed we were pregnant, so I wrapped them all up and surprised Dylan with the ultimate Christmas present a few hours later. Cute right?

Apparently that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, because on Boxing Day we randomly started looking at realty listings. Originally our plan was for Dylan to sell his place and move into my house in the spring, but suddenly with this big news we wanted more space. 

We started scrolling just to get an idea of what our options might be down the road…and up popped the dream house. Guys, it’s exactly the layout and finishings I would have chosen myself, right down to the kitchen which looks identical to a photo I’d snipped out of a magazine a year earlier and plastered on my 2023 vision board. Manifesting for the win!

We decided to do a drive by, liked the look of the lot, called up the listing realtor and set up a showing for the next day…and 24 hours later, we had an accepted offer. 10/10 recommend buying a house over Christmas when there’s no competition.

That might sound insane considering we weren’t even looking for a house a day earlier, but I have this weird thing with real estate where I’ve bought six houses and have only ever gone to four showings. Trust me, this is all very on brand. 

Both of our houses sold in a day, and we took possession of our new one in mid-March. I’ve never hired movers before, but since we have adult furniture now and I’m not allowed to lift anything we enlisted the help of Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Company.

Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company

Over the course of two days they packed up every single thing in my home and moved it to the new house. It was so much work that I can’t imagine ever moving again without professional help, and can’t thank the crew enough. We’re so in love with our new home!

Oh…and did I mention we also got engaged on Valentine’s Day in Tahiti?

Yes, we’ve had a lot to celebrate.

Getting engaged on Valentine’s Day in Tahiti

Anyway, back to the baby thing. The due date is August 30, so fittingly I’ll be labouring on Labour Day weekend.

It’s been going great so far–I’m lucky to have avoided morning sickness, and feel good other than some tired days and having to eat an obscene amount of food. I also recommend getting pregnant in December, because Dry January is a STELLAR coverup for why you’re suddenly not drinking anymore.

Baby bumpin’ in the South Pacific

We’ve already become full-fledged hockey parents: one of the first things we bought was a tiny Calgary Flames toque when we went to a game a week after finding out, then ended up getting our crib from Flames captain Michael Backlund and his lovely wife Frida. We definitely have a future hockey fan on our hands. 

So you’re probably wondering…what about travelling?

The short answer: no idea. But my goal is still to visit 100 countries before turning 40, which means I have about a year and a half to visit eight more which I fully intend to accomplish, so stay tuned for travel tips about what it’s like to fly internationally with an infant (cue horror music).

Baby P has been to six countries already, with a few more scheduled!

Globe Guide is my entire livelihood, so that’s definitely not going anywhere–it just means that for now you likely won’t see me heading off on as many long trips to far-flung destinations, and there will probably be more family travel content.  

Thanks for all the love and support so far on our biggest adventure yet!

Xo Tamara, Dylan and Baby P

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  1. Congratulations 🥳 you two !
    Now following you Tamara
    Form Walt and Sue Knox
    Friends of Jim and Arla

    And Dylan’s former Boss !

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