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Priced by the pound: Airline charges passengers by weight

CALGARY- A South Pacific airline has come up with a controversial new way of selling tickets, that’s giving travellers extra incentive to get into shape before their vacation.

Samoa Air
Samoa Air

Samoa Air is now charging passengers by weight, through a program they call Air‘fair’. To book, passengers choose their flight, and enter the estimated weight of themselves combined with their baggage. Before getting on board, passengers and their luggage are weighed again to ensure to correct price.

Airfare is then calculated at a price of anywhere between $1 and $4.16 per kilogram, varying on the route.

Samoa Air is the first commercial airline to ever charge passengers by weight. More than 80 per cent of Samoa’s residents over age 15 are considered overweight, making it one of the world’s most obese countries.

The airline flies domestically, and between Tonga and the Cook Islands.

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