A scenic flight over the Great Blue Hole in Belize

A scenic flight over the Great Blue Hole in Belize

Looking for yet another thing to add to your travel bucket list? The Great Blue Hole in Belize is a must-see spot, and the Caribbean country’s crown jewel for good reason.

This aptly-named phenomenon in the UNESCO-protected Belize Barrier Reef is exactly what it sounds like: a huge blue hole, more than 300 metres wide with a 400 foot drop into the depths of the sea.


Scuba enthusiasts from around the world come to explore the diving hole in the former limestone cave system, which is now a series of underwater caves and passageways.

But there’s only one way to get a true appreciation for this natural wonder: a scenic flight over the big blue hole.

Great Blue Hole Belize

How to book the Belize Blue Hole tour

A few operators in Belize offer this unforgettable excursion, including Tropic Air which has Giant Blue Hole tours departing from Belize City, Caye Caulker and San Pedro.

The airline uses different planes depending on how many passengers they’re chartering, with group sizes ranging from as few as three people on their Model T182T Skylane jet, to 14-seaters on busier days.

Great Blue Hole Belize

From San Pedro, the hour-long tour starts by heading east over the reef (which looks remarkably similar to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef), passing over Turneffe Atoll where the stunningly-blue water catches the sunlight and sparkles below.

As the sea is so clear, those with good eyesight and a little luck on their side might be able to see rays, sharks or dolphins swimming around.

Great Blue Hole Belize
Great Blue Hole Belize

After about 20 minutes of peacefully gliding through puffy white clouds and staring out in wonder at the spectacular scene dotted with blindingly-white sandbars, the Belize blue hole finally comes into view as the plane hovers over Lighthouse Reef.

And it’s a sight that’s sure to leave everyone on-board mesmerized.

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The Great Blue Hole

A look inside the Great Blue Hole, Belize

Tropic Air’s pilots make about a dozen loops around the Great Blue Hole, to ensure passengers on each side of the plane have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the birds-eye view and snap plenty of photos.

Chances are there will be a dive boat anchored nearby since this is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Belize, and perhaps even another bright white plane soaring below. Those exploring its waters may see marine life marine life like nurse sharks, reef sharks and giant groupers.

While divers have the advantage for exploring inside the Great Blue Hole (making this one of the world’s top dive sites), when it comes to grasping the magnitude of the underwater spectacle a scenic flight or helicopter ride is best, no contest.

One week Belize itinerary

Tours end with a few circles over a nearby shipwreck, before heading back across the reef and enjoying a sky-high perspective of the colourful island of San Pedro, just before the plane touches down on the tiny runway.

When it comes to unforgettable travel experiences, a scenic flight over the Great Blue Hole is hard to beat.

Great Blue Hole Belize

Globe Guide experienced a scenic flight over the Great Blue Hole as a guest of Tropic Air. As always, hosts have no editorial influence on articles.




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  1. Oh wow, I didn’t even know this place exsisted and now I want to do it. Could imange what you were feeling when the plane flew over that blue hole. Thats one memory which you will never forget .

  2. Renata Green - www.byemyself.com

    Many years ago, I took a tour to the blue hole in Belize – it’s breathtaking. Later, I used to live there and didn’t visit rather touristy places – a big mistake almost everybody does, I’m afraid: not visiting the nicest place just next door…

  3. Archana Singh

    WOW! This looks incredibly beautiful. I have heard about hell hole but the Great Blue Hole at Belize looks like paradise. Lucky you to fly over it. Super envious of you.

  4. Suruchi Mittal

    The Great Blue Hole in Belize- I am for sure adding this to my bucket list. It is surely like a paradise. We would love to fly over it and take some pictures. Thanks for sharing

  5. That is one scenic flight. It looks so so gorgeous and you were lucky to have seen it. I know that after you have seen this, it is a different meaning to scuba here. IT just feels exotic.

  6. Sandy N Vyjay

    What a lovely and surreal place the Blue Hole is. I was not aware of this wonderful phenomenon of nature. Thanks for introducing it. Yes, the best way to really appreciate it would be from the sky. What an adventure and you have captured the Blue hole in all its splendour so vividly in your video too.

  7. Kavita Favelle

    How absolutely stunning! I love the idea of seeing this iconic natural site from the air and not just from the sea. Helpful to know idea of the prices and duration of flights too, thank you!

  8. Samantha Sparrow

    Wow! I never knew about The Great Blue Hole before but it’s breathtaking – truly stunning! You’ve got to see it from the air, as the perspective is just fascinating – it would be such an adventure up there, and the tour sounds like great value!

  9. That’s so amazingly beautiful! I’d love to take a flight on top of the Blue Hole because that’s probably the best way to get the entire scene. The views from the sky are amazing. I wonder how the diving experience would be for people who are brave enough to go inside exploring. The reefs from the plane also look so lovely, the waters are crystal clear and so blue!

  10. Incredible! your photos of the Great Blue Hole at Belize are absolutely stunning! After reading your post i definitely going to see. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

  11. Alberto Montesinos Aguilar

    Hello !! Photos look great, the experience must be even better, how much is a scenic flight like this with Tropicair of MayaAir?

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