Kluane National Park, Yukon: Scenic through all seasons

Kluane National Park, Yukon: Scenic through all seasons

Canada-Yukon-Glacier-Tour-mountains-6For those lucky enough to find themselves in northern Canada’s Yukon Territory, Kluane National Park is not to be missed. In summer, piercing blue lakes are surrounded by looming mountains overflowing with lush foliage, simply begging to be explored. Wildlife sightings are frequent, with the likes of bears, Dall sheep, mountain goats and caribou calling the area home, and vibrant pink fireweed dots the roadsides.
Canada-Yukon-Glacier-Tour-river-2In winter, the landscape drastically changes, and those same multi-coloured mountains are now cloaked in fluffy mounds of pure white snow. Deep into Kluane, glaciers jut out, putting on a spectacular show for those enjoying the scene from a bucket list-worthy flightseeing tour. And for those who find themselves in the area past sunset, those huge, dark skies provide the perfect backdrop for a galaxy of stars or even the Northern Lights
Canada-Yukon-Kluane-Flightseeing-Glacier-6So when is the best time to explore Kluane National Park? You be the judge! Check out these photos to compare the park in summer versus winter- or better yet, make the trip up north to experience it for yourself.
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Would you rather visit Kluane National Park in summer or winter? Share your choice in the comments below!


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Kluane National Park

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