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From Great Lakes to thunderous falls to glittering skyscrapers, Ontario delivers from city to country.

Tell someone you're from Canada, and they'll usually say "oh, from Toronto?" Ontario is Canada's most populous province, and Toronto is the multi-cultural hub that everyone seems to know about--or at least has a cousin who lives there.

'The Six' is a visual feast, which is why many travellers return to the city time and time again and still find yet another eclectic neighbourhood to explore, another Instagram-worthy shot of the modern architecture and street art, or happen upon the perfect spot to watch the sun set along the tranquil shores of Lake Ontario. It's also the gateway to Niagara Falls; here's where to get the best views of the natural wonder, and how to make the most of a rainy day there.

Escape to Muskoka, Prince Edward County or Niagara-on-the-Lake for some R&R, and don't miss Ottawa, the nation's capital. Free tours of Parliament Hill are offered year round, and in winter the Rideau Canal is transformed into the world’s largest skating rink.

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