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Fun things to do in and around Mulege, Mexico

A palm-fringed oasis welcomes visitors to the colourful, quaint town of Mulege in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The lush landscape is somewhat unexpected in this part of the peninsula which is usually known for its arid deserts dotted with cacti, and a welcome reward for those who make the journey to this relatively undiscovered spot.

The oasis of Mulege, Mexico
The oasis of Mulege, Mexico

Mulegé (pronounced moo-la-hey) means ‘road of the mules’, and is a two hour drive north of Loreto. The Mulegé River flows through the valley making this area a prime spot for ranching, and the glittering beaches of Bahia Concepcion are a short drive away.

From where to enjoy the best views to incredible day trips, here are some highlights of a trip to Mulege Mexico.


Mision Santa Rosalia de Mulege

Get a lay of the land by heading up to Mision Santa Rosalia de Mulege, which has sweeping views of the oasis as well as a birds-eye view of the town and surrounding hillsides.

Mision Santa Rosalia de Mulege
Mision Santa Rosalia de Mulege

The stone structure was built by Jesuits in 1705 making it the second oldest mission in B.C.S., and stands proudly on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley filled with groves of date palms. While the mission itself is rarely open, visitors are still welcome to explore the property.

Head up the steps to take in the stunning scenery, and walk across the pedestrian bridge that crosses the river and links the mission to the townsite.

The view from Mision Santa Rosalia de Mulege
The view from Mision Santa Rosalia de Mulege

Wander around town

The compact centre makes it easy to see most of the highlights of Mulege in about an hour of walking. Start at the entrance on the east side of town along Federal Highway 1, where you’ll find the multi-coloured H. Mulege sign (a nod to the town’s official name, Heroica Mulegé) and can snap a selfie.

The Mulege sign

The oasis of Mulege, Mexico
Continuing down the road towards the overpass you’ll enjoy great views of the water and hillsides, and chances are you’ll see locals fishing for the likes of groupers and sea bass.

Mulege, Mexico



The town itself has a handful of souvenir shops, restaurants, a brewery and a couple of hotels, along with the main plaza and a seafoam-green cathedral called Iglesia Inmaculada Concepción de María.

Mulege Mexico

Go wine tasting at Vinedo Heroica Mulege

Most people think of tequila and cervezas in Mexico, so it might come as a surprise that there’s a winery just outside town.

Vinedo Heroica Mulege
Vinedo Heroica Mulege

Vinedo Heroica Mulege is found on a beautiful property on the outskirts of Mulege, with rows of vineyards framed by towering hills. Focusing on small batch, organic production, they produce about 3000 bottles per year of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc.

Uniquely, the ‘bottles’ are actually bags for easier transport, and the experimentation is also seen in creative blends like the sweet, fruity Jamaica Me Loco which uses hibiscus flowers instead of grapes.

Vinedo Heroica Mulege

There’s a tasting room on site where fees are waived with a bottle purchase, as well as a vacation rental (more details below).

Bahía Concepción near Mulege Baja California Sur

One of the best day trips from Mulege Mexico is Bahia Conception, which is about 15 minutes from town. With more than 50 miles of beaches along this section of the Gulf of California, there’s no shortage of stellar spots to soak up the sun.

El Requeson in Bahia Concepcion, Mexico
El Requeson

Great best beaches in Conception Bay include:

  • El Requeson
  • Playa El Coyote
  • El Burro
  • Playa Los Cocos
  • Es Playa Escondida
  • Playa Ecomundo
Playa Los Cocos in Bahia Concepcion
Playa Los Cocos
Playa Escondida in Bahia Concepcion, Mexico
Playa Escondida

A fun way to see Bahía Concepción is taking a boat ride out to the nearby islands with an operator like El Burro Tours. Their pontoon boat fits up to six people, and the day trip includes zipping around the islands to see the likes of blue footed boobies and dolphins, relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, fishing and clam digging.

Out with El Burro Tours
Blue footed boobies in Bahia Concepcion, Mexico
Blue footed boobies

Pelicans in Bahia Concepcion, Mexico

The crew also prepares an incredible seafood lunch, making incredible platters of scallops, ceviche and clams with the catch of the day.

San Borjitas Cave Paintings

While this trip is quite a grind, those who are interested in anthropology should consider heading out to the San Borjitas cave paintings.

San Borjitas Cave Paintings
San Borjitas Cave Paintings

The petroglyphs found here date back an estimated 7500 years, and were discovered by the Jesuits. While this area has been populated by Indigenous people such as the Cochimies for thousands of years, historians still aren’t sure exactly who created the red and black paintings of women, warriors, deer, fish and whales seen on the cave walls.

San Borjitas Cave Paintings

Since there’s virtually no signage and the trip includes a 90 minute drive down an incredibly bumpy, rocky road you’ll want to venture out with a guide. The entrance fee is 150 pesos, and it takes about 15 minutes to hike to the cave from the entrance. To make the experience more enjoyable, make the drive out on a side-by-side for an off-road adventure. Click here to book

Mulege hotels

Historico Las Casitas: With a great location in the heart of town, this place is like an enchanted garden. Walkways are overflowing with plants, and decorated with fountains and hanging papel picados banners. 

Historico Las Casitas
Historico Las Casitas

The rooms are decorated in a traditional Mexican style, and the on-site restaurant is also phenomenal and well-priced–be sure to ask for the garlic soup!

Historico Las Casitas in Mulege, Mexico

Vinedo Heroica Mulege: The winery opened their hotelito in 2021, which has three large suites overlooking the inviting pool. The brightly painted, authentically decorated rooms are just steps away from the vines which makes for gorgeous views, and this is a great option for families and small groups interested in booking the whole place out.

Vinedo Heroica Mulege
Vinedo Heroica Mulege



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