3 things you’ll love about the new Aeroplan rewards program

3 things you’ll love about the new Aeroplan rewards program


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From first-class seats to multi-destination itineraries and last-minute flight bookings, I’ve truly done it all when it comes to making the most of my Aeroplan membership over the years. The program has saved my bacon (read: bank account) many times, like when I decided to fly to New York City two days before the start of a  conference (total cost: 25K miles and about $100). Or when there was a family emergency on the east coast and I literally booked our flights through the app en route to the airport (for just 12,500 miles and $17 each way); it was such a relief, especially during a stressful time. And how about that time I redeemed a bunch of miles to visit my bestie all the way in Australia? After taxes/surcharges the return flight cost just $250!

As you can see, I’m a pretty big Aeroplan fan, mostly because there are some fab deals to be had, (particularly if you can find a flight with a Star Alliance partner such as United Airlines, which doesn’t charge additional taxes) and it’s ridiculously easy to earn miles since there are so many partners and credit card companies affiliated with the program. You’ve probably heard by now that some updates are on the way starting in 2020, and while Aeroplan hasn’t released specifics yet they are sharing their six brand commitments, which gives us members some hints about what’s coming down the pipe. Here are three things you’re sure to love about the new Aeroplan program.

The Taj Mahal, India. Palace on Wheels
A dream trip to see the Taj Mahal might be even closer than you think!

1: More choice

‘Blackout dates’ and ‘Availability’ are pretty much the worst words in the English language when it comes to redeeming points with a flight rewards program, no matter which one you belong to. It’s great to hear that starting in July 2020, Aeroplan flights won’t be limited to seat inventory from just one airline or network, and members can choose from more airlines serving even more destinations than the program offers today. Better start packing for that trip to Fiji’s sun-kissed beaches!

2: Flexible payment options

#TheStruggleIsReal when you finally find a flight with the dates and availability you want, click ‘Book’, then get a pop-up error message that says, “Sorry, you do not have enough points to complete this transaction.” ARGGHHHH. (For the record it wasn’t Aeroplan that did that to me, which is why I still love them.) Anyway, Aeroplan’s program updates will include flexible payment options when booking, and the ability to earn Aeroplan miles through more than 150 partner brands, or retailers like Amazon. This means you’ll get the miles you need for that romantic trip to Italy even sooner, and less time screaming at your computer screen like a crazy person.

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Florence, Italy. Shutterstock.

3: New travel products

In case you didn’t notice, Aeroplan redemption offers include more than flights: their portal also has car rentals, hotels, insurance, gift cards, travel accessories, and you can even donate your miles to worthy causes like Doctors Without Borders and Special Olympics Canada. Starting in 2020, an intuitive planning and booking engine will offer members access to more travel products, including a greater selection of accommodations, activities and vacation packages. Cheers to one-stop shopping!

How to see London’s top sights in just two days
Aeroplan members can use their points to see London from a different perspective, with a river cruise and ride on the London Eye.


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19 thoughts on “3 things you’ll love about the new Aeroplan rewards program”

  1. I suck at airplane reward programs so thank you for these tips. I wasn’t aware of Aeroplan rewards before.

  2. Sandy N Vyjay

    We are not good at accumulating and encashing reward points. In the efforts to get better deals on flights our airlines keep changing and this is one of the reasons. The Aeroplan looks quite useful and rewarding though. I especially like the feature of the flexible payments option.

  3. I haven’t heard of this rewards plan before. seems like it gives you some pretty good deals. The ability to book last-minute is definitely a plus — I’m terrible at planning more than a few weeks in advance for my trips.

  4. Elaine Masters

    Sounds like a program I need to jump on. I accrue miles with credit cards already but it’s slow going. This sounds like a great option.

  5. I hadn’t heard of Aeroplan rewards before. At first I thought it must have been USA centric, but you flew to my home country Australia! It’s good to see that they work with the Star Alliance program, which is great for some long haul providers.

    I will definitely have to have a look into Aeroplan.

  6. As a Canadian and heavy Air Canada user, I read this post with interest. I am glad you have had such great luck using your Aeroplan points for the flights you wanted when you needed them. I did not realize that I could save money by booking on a Star Alliance flight. The cost of taxes and other charges for Aeroplan redemptions seem to always be climbing. It will be interesting to see if there is a draw for me once Air Canada moves onto their own rewards platform.

  7. Hey Tamara,
    Wow, good to know that your are Aeroplan Ambassador. Kudos. I really need to enrol myself for membership so that I can save my bacon also 😊
    I find Aeroplan is one of the best membership with so many affiliates. I hope their new guideline of 2020 will further support travellers. Is Aeroplan available for Indian also?

  8. I really need to take some time to figure out the whole star alliance things. I really don’t know much but from this it looks like it covers everything, i love that

  9. Vicky and Buddy

    I can see why you like Aeroplan so much! And knowing that they’re going to get even better in 2020 is a good reason to sign up. Because saving my bacon is always a good idea! lol

  10. I have not heard of Aeroplan earlier. I guess, I need to figure out if it is available on the airlines I use in this part of the world. It does seem quite beneficial and given that it works for a variety of flights, even more easier. Thanks for the introduction

  11. I’ve saved for five years to fly overseas. I waited over two hours on hold and finally hung up. It seems my Diamond status is now Black. Why??

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