Why Pigeon Point, Tobago is one of the island’s best beaches

When it comes to beaches, the tiny island of Tobago has an embarrassment of riches along its coastline, including a standout spot that could easily be in the running as one of the Caribbean’s best: Pigeon Point beach.

Pigeon Point beach in Tobago

Pigeon Point, Tobago. Courtesy of Tobago Division of Tourism.

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Found on the western tip of the island, it’s the most popular stretch of sand in whole country and easily accessible from the capital city of Scarborough, making it a great day trip for those arriving in Tobago on a cruise. From port, visitors can easily hire a taxi to drive them there and back for about $20, and it’s also only a few minutes from the airport.

Pigeon Point Beach.

Pigeon Point Beach.

Pigeon Point beach is one of those postcard-worthy scenes—in fact, pictures of its thatch-roof jetty are widely used in tourism campaigns, making it somewhat of a symbol of Tobago. This jetty is also where excursions such as the glass-bottom boat tours of Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool depart from. Click here to book

Pigeon Point Beach.

Pigeon Point Beach.

Pigeon Point is a heritage park, and there is a $3 entrance fee to get in which is used to maintain the beach facilities. The beach itself is lined with cute souvenir shops, food stalls, washroom and shower facilities, chair rentals as well as a number of people selling activities such as boat tours around the island. It’s possible to negotiate on pricing depending on how many people are in the group.

It’s easy to spend a day under the swaying palm trees, relaxing on the brilliant white sand which is incredibly soft and free from any sort of rubble. The aqua-marine water beckons, and those wanting to go for a dip will find they can wade a great distance into this part of the Caribbean Sea without the water going above waist height, which makes it a great option for those who aren’t confident swimmers.

Pigeon Point beach in Tobago

Courtesy of Tobago Division of Tourism.

The most popular way to spend an afternoon at Pigeon Point beach is to hop on a glass-bottom boat tour of nearby Buccoo Reef. This incredible area is made up of five reef flats that make up a small lagoon, surrounded by vibrant coral. The locals have dubbed it the ‘Nylon Pool’ thanks to its brilliant colour, and travellers can expect to see a number of tropical fish, either by staying put in the boat or snorkelling.

A glass bottom boat is great for seeing the fish below.

A glass bottom boat is great for seeing the fish below.

Most excursions last up to two hours, and cost $15-$20 per person. It’s important to note swimmers should not to put their feet down, to avoid damaging the fragile marine environment.

Scarborough in Tobago

Scarborough. Courtesy of Tobago Division of Tourism.

With its gorgeous views, soft sand and crystal-clear water, it’s easy to see why Pigeon Point beach is one of the best beaches in Tobago, as well as one of the top places to visit. Just make sure to pack sunscreen!



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  1. tobagolife says:

    It’s also a great place to kite surf, windsurf and stand up paddle. Lots to do at Pigeon Point

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    I think this beach or land belongs to Grenada, its reminds me of my home land.

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