Things to do in Grenada, the Caribbean's Spice Island

Things to do in Grenada, the Caribbean’s Spice Island

Looking for relaxation, brilliant white sand beaches, stunning blue water and a bit of culture? Then look no further than Grenada.

The small Caribbean island in the West Indies is somewhat off the beaten track as one of the last stops before South America, and has plenty to offer travellers including luxury resorts, spectacular waterfalls and even underwater sculptures.

Carriacou and Petite Martinique are also just a ferry ride away, making it easy to island hop.

Port Louis, Grenada
Port Louis. Courtesy of Pure Grenada.

Grenada’s capital St. George’s is considered one of the most scenic in the Caribbean, as tiny pastel houses are built into the hillside overlooking the picturesque harbour, and maintained its historical charm thanks to treasures like Fort George and the picturesque Carneage.

Here’s an overview of some of the best things to do in Grenada.

Grand Etang, Grenada
Grand Etang

Grenada’s beaches

The brilliant, white sand beaches are the best places to visit in Grenada- that is why visitors come all the way to the Caribbean, after all.

A standout spot is Grand Anse beach, which spans about three kilometers along the southwest coastline. Parts of it are lined with hotels and restaurants, and there are a number of vendors on hand offering everything from cold drinks to water sports.

Grand Anse

The water is warm, the views are spectacular and the sand is soft and rock-free. If you’re visiting as part of a cruise to Grenada and only have a day in the country, it’s safe to say you’ll want to spend at least half of it here.

A boat at Grand Anse in Grenada
Grand Anse

Other great beaches in Grenada are Morne Rouge just one bay west of Grand Anse, the aptly-named Magazine Beach, and palm-fringed La Sagesse.

Morne Rouge, Grenada
Morne Rouge
La Sagesse Beach, Grenada
La Sagesse Beach. Courtesy of Pure Grenada
Anse La Roche in Grenada
Anse La Roche. Credit: Hexive Creative Agency

Grenada waterfalls

Many of the top Grenada excursions include a hike to see some of the island’s picture-perfect waterfalls, which is a great option for those looking to work up a sweat in lieu of bronzing their bod on the beach.

A popular pick is the Seven Sister waterfalls, a trail which boasts—you guessed it—seven waterfalls. It takes about 45 minutes to walk through the rainforest, at which point you get to reward yourself with a dip in the cool water. Concord Falls is also a good choice, featuring three falls on the edge of a forest reserve. Guides can also be hired for some of the longer hikes.

Annadale Falls, Grenada
Annadale Falls

Here are a few guided tours you can book to explore Grenada’s waterfalls:

The Grenada underwater sculpture park

One of the island’s best attractions is actually found below the surface, in the Grenada underwater sculpture park. In 2006, about 100 statues were installed as a gallery in the Molinere Beausejour Marine Protected Area.

Since they’re found only about 16 feet below the surface, they can easily be seen on a snorkelling trip, or while scuba diving. Check out this guide for everything you need to know about visiting the underwater sculpture park.

Click here to book a scuba diving tour in the Grenada underwater sculpture park.

Underwater sculptures, Grenada
Underwater sculptures. Courtesy of Pure Grenada
Underwater sculptures, Grenada
Underwater sculptures. Courtesy of Pure Grenada

Where to shop in Grenada

While you’re wise to spend your time on the island soaking up the scenery, it’s worth heading to a street market to pick up some Grenada spices, which are the island’s claim to fame.

The country is nicknamed the ‘Spice Island’ as it’s one of the world’s largest importers of spices. You can pick up combo packs that include a number of spices, including cinnamon cloves, black pepper and saffron, which make for nice gifts or souvenirs.

The larger markets are located near Grand Anse Beach and the cruise port, and you can try bartering to save some cash.

The spice market in Grand Anse, Grenada
The market at Grand Anse
The harbour in St. George's, Grenada
The harbour in St. George’s

Places to visit in Grenada: Fort George

If you’re not content to lounge on the sun-soaked beach all day and would prefer to take in some history, you’ll want to head up to Fort George.

St. George's, Grenada
The view of colourful St. George’s, from the fort

The imposing fortress was built back in the 1700s and is perched 175 feet above the harbour. The grounds are all but deserted, and visitors have open rein to explore all the nooks and crannies—and get a photo of themselves ‘loading up’ the cannons!

One of the best parts of a trip to the fort is the incredible views it affords, of the island below. Keep in mind there are a lot of stairs to get all the way up. Admission is free.

The cannons at Fort George in Grenada
The cannons at Fort George


Where to stay in Grenada

For those lucky enough to have more than a day to visit, here are some ideas for where to stay in Grenada, including luxury resorts and spots perfect for honeymooners:

Hog Island, Grenada
Hog Island. Courtesy of Pure Grenada.


How to get there: Fly into Maurice Bishop International Airport, or cruise to Grenada—whether it’s onboard a Caribbean cruise or a yacht trip through the Grenadines.

Currency: The East Caribbean Dollar (EC) is the local currency, but US dollars are also accepted.

Must buy: Grenada spices, obviously! Hit the markets, and stock up on things like nutmeg and cinnamon.




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  1. Unfortunately when we visited Fort George last year, it wasn’t free. There was a small fee to pay.

    Also apart from the small local market in St George’s, where do you recommend we buy spices from?

  2. Yeey! Beaches, sand, forests. Thank you for sharing all these tips with me. I am visiting Grenada soon! Cant wait.

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    Ah I would love to go to Grenada. I have so many friends from this beautiful country and it’s a crime I’ve not visited! I love the look of the oil down, thank you for creating a new sense of wanderlust in me!

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