Tamara Elliott, AKA Globe Guide: 20 things you might not know about me

Tamara Elliott, AKA Globe Guide: 20 things you might not know about me

It’s been five years (OMG!) since I hit ‘publish’ on my first ever travel story, and launched this site that soon turned into an actual business and completely changed my life. Not joking guys, I legit only started Globe Guide to put all of my travel tips in one place because that seemed easier than writing emails to people who were constantly asking me for advice, and I never expected it to blossom into this. Funny how things work out with a lot of hard work, serious passion and a little bit of luck, eh?

Through the years, you guys have followed me on adventures around the globe like trekking on glaciers in Patagonia, flying over the Great Barrier Reef, hot air balloon rides and swimming with whale sharks. But one thing I don’t do too often is actually share much about myself, and for some reason you crazy kids keep asking me to (seriously guys, I’m really not that cool). Anyway, with that in mind here’s a bit of a behind-the-scenes with Tams, including my fave destinations, weird quirks and even some celebrity encounters. OK, here we go!

Canada is le cold. All the damn time. But I freaking love my country and am so proud to be Canadian.

1) I’ve lived in Calgary, Canada my entire life, save for that one summer I worked at a newspaper in Kamloops, B.C. And no, I’m still not used to the cold.

2)  Two of my biggest pet peeves are people who block the conveyor belt in the airport, and stemless wine glasses. Like, you might as well just drink out of a sippy cup at that point.

3) I am bloody useless at anything math or science related. But if you need trivia about the Bachelor franchise, I’m your girl.

4) When it comes to the places I’ve travelled to, some of my all times faves are Italy, Norway, India and the Maldives. Places I’ve disliked the most: Manila, Philippines (this is why) and Copacabana, Bolivia (also why). And the Los Angeles airport. LAX can suck it.

Admiring the view in Jaipur, India

5) I get motion sick really easily, which is not a great trait to have in this profession. On my second day on the job as a reporter, I got assigned to head up in a blimp ride over the city, which sounds amazing in theory but it made me so nauseous I ended up coming thisclose to losing my lunch. Let me tell you, throwing up all over your new colleagues is not a great way to start a new gig. There is a perk though- it means I usually get to ride shotgun, which is the best spot to take photos on a helicopter ride!

6)  I have an undying love for all things Jack Daniels.

7) My first ‘big girl’ job was a TV producer (I have a journalism degree), and since I did the morning show my shift started at 11 pm. It sounds nuts to work overnight, but I actually didn’t mind since I’m such a night owl, and got the enjoy the peace and quiet of the newsroom for a few hours to myself each day.

8) My first pet was a turtle named Elmer. That dude was awesome, but not quite as cuddly as the two bulldogs I have now.

Dudley and Iggy- they’re the best!
Not my dog. But thought about bringing her home from Mexico

9) I have two different coloured eyes, and I love how it trips people out when they notice.

10) My secret talents are finding parking spots/parallel parking, and pastry decorating. I worked in a bakery during high school, and learned how to write on cakes and make the most adorbs chocolate-dipped strawberries that look like little brides and grooms. They’re a hit at bridal showers!

11) Career highlights so far include working out with Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser, and that time I went to Michael Jackson’s funeral and covered it for our national TV news network. On three hours of sleep.

Me and Jills. I’m totes allowed to call her that now.

12) I absolutely, positively cannot handle food with even the slightest bit of spice in it…which made it rather awkward when I travelled to India. For the record, a diet consisting solely of naan bread and rice gets boring really fast.

13) I’m so Type-A that my closet is colour coded. Down to the socks and underwear.

14) People frequently ask me for photography tips, which cracks me up because I still shoot in automatic mode 99% of the time, and use a basic camera that’s about six years old. I’m also terrible at selfies. Maybe my arms aren’t long enough?

Best places to visit in Delhi for photography
Don’t mind me, just shooting GoPro video that I’ll never actually find the time to edit…

15) I played varsity badminton, which earned me a college scholarship. Nerd alert.

16) I wish I could speak Spanish, and play guitar.

17) When I’m home, I work out every. damn. day. Not only for the physical benefits, but it’s also an amazing stress relief, helps me clear my head, and get away from the computer for a couple hours.

Like Britney says…you better work b**ch

19) I am le worst when it comes to anything medical related, it freaks me out so much. It’s so bad that I have a habit of passing out cold in clinics and hospitals, like that one time I got blood drawn, or when I had listen to outpatient instructions while picking up someone from day surgery and apparently just could not handle the details. Even worse was when I woke up again, and the nurse was like “Oh, I could totally tell before I even put the needle in your arm that you were going to pass out.” Thanks, lady.

19) It would be great if I could be one of those peeps who can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. Instead, I need blackout curtains, an eye mask, perfect silence and about 7 pillows which I use to build a fort around myself.

20) My life mottos are “buy experiences, not things” and “live a life free of what-ifs.” It turns out FOMO can inspire you to do some pretty crazy things—which works out pretty well as a travel writer.

So that’s a bit about me in a nutshell…please promise to keep reading even though you know how weird I am now, mmmkay? Thanks for following along all these years, and here’s to the next five!

xo Tamara

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  1. Hi there. I am looking for a travel blogger to come to my tourism class and talk travel. And how you made a career of traveling. We are located in Cochrane.
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  2. Michael J Campbell

    Loved your piece on Banff vs. Canmore. One thing I was looking for that I didn’t see. If you’re looking for a place with a big fireplace in the lobby, what would you recommend.

  3. Tamara.
    Your Manila experience was average, I think. And many foreigners will ignore the negatives and lie through their teeth, smile…and say everything was wonderful.
    Very many Philippinos are totally inconsiderate, racist and go out of their way to be annoying. I’ve been here 10 years and it’s getting worse. Government covid rules have pushed millions to the edge

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    Hello Tamara, I´m Ernesto from Exoticca. If you wish to find out more please contact us through the email in the saved details.

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