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Czechia is a land steeped in history, boasting enchanting medieval towns, architectural wonders and scenic landscapes

Commonly known as the Czech Republic (the country officially changed its name to Czechia but that hasn't been widely adapted), Czechia is at the heart of central Europe.

The fairy-tale city of Prague is one of the world's most impressive cities, with its iconic Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the historic Old Town Square making it a cultural and architectural gem that draws visitors from around the world. There are also some fun, quirky things to do in Prague like dining in a cave and drinking a cocktail out of a gnome. A fantastic day trip is Český Ráj, a picturesque region dominated by dramatic sandstone rock formations, lush valleys, meandering rivers and caves.

Kutná Hora--a UNESCO World Heritage site--offers a unique blend of Gothic architecture including the Sedlec Ossuary decorated with human bones, providing a macabre yet fascinating experience. Try out medieval glamping in Malešov, where guests sleep under a fortress in a so-called ‘medieval glamour camp.’

Postcard-perfect Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO-listed site along the Vltava River with a well-preserved medieval castle, winding cobblestone streets and a vibrant arts scene. You can take a beer bath, or head out to the rolling Moravian vineyards, Tatra Mountains or Hluboka Castle which was modelled after England's Windsor Castle.


Central Bohemia

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