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From fairytale towns to the glittering lights of Paris, France is like walking back in time through a picture-perfect postcard.

Paris, the City of Light, dazzles with its timeless elegance and world-renowned landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Venture to the Champagne region for some bubbly, where the charm of Reims and Épernay unfolds amidst rolling vineyards and prestigious champagne houses.

The opulent Palace of Versailles with its stunning gardens and lavish interiors, provides a regal escape just a short train ride from the capital, making it one of the top day trips from Paris.

In the Alsace region, enchanting Strasbourg and Colmar are some of the most beloved spots in Europe, particularly during the Christmas season. The picturesque Loire Valley and neighbouring Valle du Loire are a treasure trove of châteaux, vineyards and scenic countrysides, where visitors can do things like canoe under a castle, sleep in a boat hotel and visit Orleans which features perfectly-preserved facades and half-timbered homes.

Beaune invites wine enthusiasts to explore its historic Hospices de Beaune and savour world-class wines in the heart of renowned Burgundy vineyards. Annecy is nestled by a pristine lake and surrounded by alpine peaks, and captivates with its medieval Old Town, canals and serene atmosphere.


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