Manitoba - Globe Guide


Picturesque lakes, expansive prairies and polar bear sightings await in Manitoba.

The capital Winnipeg serves as a dynamic hub of arts, commerce, and history within the province, boasting an outstanding foodie scene, world class spas, grand parks, beautifully preserved buildings and award-winning museums. It really comes alive in winter (hence its nickname, Winter-Peg), with fun activities like ice climbing, festivals and dining on frozen lakes right in the city.

Riding Mountain National Park is Manitoba's summer playground, with shimmering lakes, thick forests surrounded by the vast, golden fields and wildlife spotting.

Churchill is Manitoba's top attraction, a town nestled on the shores of the Hudson Bay near the Arctic where polar bears roam freely and belugas frolic along the shoreline. Winter trips showcase northern pastimes like dog sledding and photographing the northern lights, spring is ideal for birding, summer brings both belugas and bears, and fall is best for polar bear sightings.

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