Quirky and cool things to do in Dingle, Ireland

Cool, quirky things to do in Dingle, Ireland

On Ireland’s windswept southwest coast where craggy rocks meet the deep blue Atlantic ocean, there’s a tiny town that’s small in size yet big on charm.

Dingle is nestled into a natural estuary along the Dingle Peninsula, and has everything you’d hope to find in a typical Irish town: think small pubs where the same regulars pull up to the bar top each day for a pint, colourful facades lining the waterfront and pretty streets to meander along.

Things to do in Dingle Ireland
The Dingle Peninsula

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

There are all sorts of quirky things to do in Dingle, Ireland which is a token stop along the famous Wild Atlantic Way, and the rugged scenery found in its backyard has also been featured in blockbuster movies…perhaps you’ve heard of Star Wars?

The fishing port also has a proud maritime heritage that continues to this day, and visitors can watch the day’s fresh catch being pulled into the harbour or wander along the wooden boardwalk which has the feel of a quaint, seaside village.

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

The place is so darn charming, it’s no wonder this is a favourite stop for many during an Ireland itinerary.

From dolphin spotting to quirky bars to epic road trip routes, here are some of the most fun things to do in Dingle, Ireland.

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

What to do in Dingle, Ireland: Search for dolphins

It doesn’t take long to get acquainted with the town mascot, a friendly dolphin named Fungie who lived in Dingle Bay for nearly four decades.

The bottlenose dolphin became world famous, and was known to playfully swim alongside the boats all those years. 

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

It’s not known why he chose to live a solitary life instead of in a pod; regardless, he captured so many hearts that a statue was erected in honour of the dolphin in Dingle harbour.

Sadly, he was last seen in 2020, when lockdown restrictions meant he didn’t get his usual human interaction when all of the boat tours were cancelled.

While chances are you won’t see Fungie, there are still dolphin and whale tours which are among the top activities in Dingle. Click to book

Book one of these boat tours in Dingle:




Sip boozy samples at the Dingle Distillery

We all know how much the Irish love to drink, so it’s no wonder the award-winning Dingle Distillery has been a popular spot since opening its doors in 2012.

The artisan distillery has won accolades near and far, including capturing the title of World’s Best Gin for their Dingle Original Gin.

Things to do in Dingle Ireland
Dingle Distillery

Two centuries ago there were more than 100 official distilleries in Ireland, a number that had dwindled to just two in recent years.

Thanks to the Dingle Distillery, whiskey making is back on the map. Sign up for a tour to learn more about this small-but-mighty operation, while sipping samples of their gin, vodka and whiskey creations.

Dingle Distillery

Grab a sweet treat at Murphy’s Ice Cream

Cool off with a sweet treat at this tourist-favourite ice cream shop along Strand Street.

The store’s vibrant blue facade matches the bright cups the ice cream is scooped into, and Murphy’s has become so well-known they’ve opened a second location nearby.

Murphy's Ice Cream, things to do in Dingle Ireland
Murphy’s Ice Cream

The desserts are all-natural, and staff keep things simple by using free range eggs, fresh farm milk, sea salt sourced from Dingle sea water and even scraping vanilla beans by hand.

Things to do in Dingle Ireland
Murphy’s Ice Cream

Book a guided food tour in Dingle:




Drink at a hardware store

Imagine if Home Depot served up stout alongside screws, and that’s the idea behind Foxy John’s.

This otherwise unassuming spot has been a mainstay in the centre of town for years, and is the kind of place where you can pick up a few random tools for your next reno project while also catching up with the boys over a cold pint at the bar.

So basically, every guy’s dream.

Things to do in Dingle Ireland
Foxy John’s

Enjoy the scenery along the iconic Slea Head Drive

If you’ve come to Ireland with dreams of admiring rolling green hills, sandy beaches and dramatic coastlines, then the Slea Head Drive along the Wild Atlantic Way will tick all your boxes.

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

This stunningly-scenic road trip is one of the best things to do in Dingle, as it winds along a narrow road that hugs the cliffside past tiny villages, farmhouses and rocky lookout points affording views of spots like the Skellig Islands.

Driving the Dingle Peninsula is considered one of Ireland’s most epic road tips, and you’ll navigate hairpin twists and turns while making your way to the western end–in fact, the highway is so precarious that traffic only goes in a clockwise direction.

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

Book this Slea Head Drive tour so you can properly admire the scenery, rent a bike in town to explore on two wheels, or budget at least half a day for this Dingle Peninsula drive:




Globe Guide tip: Visibility on the roadway is better in the mornings when it’s not as cloudy, which makes for better photos.

Things to do in Dingle Ireland

See the beehive houses

Movie buffs will want to make a pit stop to see the so-called beehive houses near Dingle, made famous in the Star Wars films.

Cone shaped clochán are tucked into the hillsides around County Kerry, with some dating back to the eighth century.

It’s believed hermit monks once called them home, and today you can walk right up to them and admire how rings of stone were meticulously stacked on top of each other layer by layer without using any mortar.

Things to do in Dingle Ireland
Beehive houses

Dingle tours

There are lots of great day trips from Dingle, including this sea safari that navigates the surrounding coast and Blasket islands where you can spot sea birds and puffins, and a two-day adventure highlighting the best of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Here are a few more options from other cities in Ireland, which include stops in Dingle:



Best places to stay in Dingle

  • Dingle Skellig Hotel: Thanks to its waterfront perch, this hotel has sweeping views of the bay and is a great place to unwind with a luxurious on-site spa. The beautiful, modern rooms are spacious and some include private balconies. There are also restaurants and a kids club, making this property a great pick for families. Click for pricing
  • Milltown House: This intimate, boutique B&B in Dingle is one of the top-ranked spots in town, winning awards for its hospitality. Guests rave about the comfortable rooms, fantastic dining and bar. Click to book
  • Dingle Benners Hotel: The Benners Hotel is in the heart of town, making it a great base for exploring Dingle. The property has a historic feel with thick carpeting and cozy couches to curl up on while sipping afternoon tea, and rooms are quite large. Click here to book
Things to do in Dingle Ireland
The view from Dingle Benners Hotel



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