Why St Luke’s Mews is one of the cutest London photo spots

Why St Luke’s Mews is one of the cutest London photo spots

St Luke's Mews in London, England

Attention Instagrammers! If you’re looking for the perfect spot to snap your #ootd, a #designgoals post or your latest #travelpics, head to St Luke’s Mews which is one of the cutest streets in London.

Notting Hill locations

The quiet, colourful street is tucked away in the affluent Notting Hill neighbourhood, just a short walk away from landmarks like Paddington Station, Hyde Park and Kensington Palace. In fact, it’s so hidden that you need to know ahead of time where it is, otherwise it would be easy to walk right past it. The street’s relative anonymity is even more surprising considering it has been featured on the big screen, most notably in the movie Love, Actually.

St Luke's Mews in London, England

The mews in Notting Hill

The pastel facades of the mews houses are as charming as it gets, with architectural details like wrought-iron railings dripping with lush green vines, and oversize barn doors that double as shutters. Window boxes are accented with flower pots overflowing with blooms, and it’s common to see a bicycle placed just-so beside the inviting front entrance.

St Luke's Mews in London, England

St Luke's Mews in London, England

The attractive cobblestone street is lined with about two dozen of the homes, all with completely unique design features that somehow manage to mesh perfectly together which make this one of the top photo spots in London. Colours range from classic red brick to a vibrant blue with sunshine-yellow accents, to the rose-pink number 27 just a few doors down which is also one of the most-photographed houses in St. Luke’s Mews.

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St Luke's Mews in London, England

All of the homes are privately-owned (and cost a fortune these days), so most visitors will have to be content with admiring them from the outside. But there is another way in, short of making friends with the lucky residents: staying in one of them. Occasionally, some of the homes have been listed on vacation rental sites—and if you can snag one, you’ll have a front row seat to one of the best Instagram spots in London.

Notting Hill photography tours

To get even more out of your experience in St. Luke’s Mews, book a guided excursion like a professional photo shoot, or a walking tour that points out filming locations around Notting Hill:


Where to find St. Luke’s Mews




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16 thoughts on “Why St Luke’s Mews is one of the cutest London photo spots”

  1. Sarah Bloomfield

    I am always on the look out for neat architecture and unique streets. We find them on our travels here and there, but getting to rent one would be even better. Lots of these cool streets are so easy to miss, thanks for sharing this great spot in London.

  2. Oooh love Notting Hill, but don’t think I’ve seen this street. Soo cute!! Instagrammer’s paradise. Putting it on my list for my next visit to London.

  3. Steph & Zach Dorworth

    Wow what a cute street! Love all the photos you captured and the ways you described what makes each house unique. Love the movie Love Actually so it’s cool to know this now. Will watch it again soon and look out for this street.

  4. I’ve never been to London but I would love to go here! I would love to see these cute homes and doors! They are beyond adorable and perfect for photography!

  5. Instagram or no Instagram, I love these adorable living spaces! What a super neighbourhood to just walk around in and enjoy for its own sake too. They remind me of old-style coach houses – very well renovated.

  6. I would absolutely love to take a stroll down this street! I would probably feel like I was in a movie or something! It’s just so picturesque!

  7. Francesca Murray

    Cool post! I had never heard of St Lukes Mews before, even though I’ve been to London twice. I love the quote on that door! Of course I had to open the link to how to stay there… because why not? Let’s see how pricy it is >.< haha!

  8. You’re right, that street is a gem. I’m not an Instagrammer nor do I do OOTDs, but I would totally visit it if I were in London. Love the cobblestone street and the pink house. I bet the owner of #27 is very proud of their home!

  9. Siddhartha Joshi

    Damn! This is every instagrammer’s dream street…lovely colorful houses, wide street, great light and perfect location 🙂 I haven’t been to London yet, but this is going straight into my bucketlist 🙂

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