Why St Luke’s Mews just might be London’s cutest street

St Luke's Mews in London, England

Attention Instagrammers! If you’re looking for the perfect spot to snap your #ootd, a #designgoals post, or your latest #travelpics, there’s pretty much no better spot in London than St Luke’s Mews.

The quiet, colourful street is tucked away in the affluent Notting Hill neighbourhood, just a short walk away from landmarks like Paddington Station, Hyde Park and Kensington Palace. In fact, it’s so hidden that you need to know ahead of time where it is, otherwise it would be easy to walk right past it. The street’s relative anonymity is even more surprising considering it has been featured on the big screen, most notably in the movie Love, Actually.

St Luke's Mews in London, England

The pastel facades of the mews houses are as charming as it gets, with architectural details like wrought-iron railings dripping with lush green vines, and oversize barn doors that double as shutters. Window boxes are accented with flower pots overflowing with blooms, and it’s common to see a bicycle placed just-so beside the inviting front entrance.

St Luke's Mews in London, England

St Luke's Mews in London, England

The attractive cobblestone street is lined with about two dozen of the homes, all with completely unique design features that somehow manage to mesh perfectly together. Colours range from classic red brick to a vibrant blue with sunshine-yellow accents, to the rose-pink number 27 just a few doors down which is also one of the most-photographed houses in St. Luke’s Mews.

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St Luke's Mews in London, England

All of the homes are privately-owned (and cost a fortune these days), so most visitors will have to be content with admiring them from the outside. But there is another way in, short of making friends with the lucky residents: staying in one of them. One of the three bedroom homes can be rented out—and if you can snag it, there’s no question you’ll make your Instagram followers insanely jealous.

Where to find St. Luke’s Mews:


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Quiet, colourful St Luke's Mews is tucked away in London's affluent Notting Hill neighbourhood, and is the thing Instagram dreams are made of.

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