Norway - Globe Guide


Norway's landscape of breathtaking fjords, pristine landscapes and cascading waterfalls makes it one of the best on the planet when it comes to stunning scenery.

Begin in Oslo where the Royal Palace, Viking Ship Museum and the contemporary Opera House reflect the city's rich history and modern sophistication.

Bergen boasts a colourful wharf that’s one of the most photographed spots in Scandinavia, has an enviable position nestled between the mountains and spellbinding fjords, and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site—just to name a few highlights. Wander through the historic Bryggen Wharf, and head up the funicular to take in the sweeping views from Mount Fløyen.

Over in Stavanger, white-washed homes, the charming Old Town and the nearby Lysefjord offer a delightful combination of history and natural beauty. Hike or cruise to Pulpit Rock, a cliffside plateau with panoramic views over the Lysefjord for a thrilling outdoor adventure.

One of the best things to do in Norway is taking a ride along the ridiculously scenic Flåm Railway, which winds through the spectacular landscapes of the Norwegian mountains and fjords. Or, opt for a fjord safari for wildlife sightings, snow-capped peaks and towering waterfalls.

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