Globe Guide

A love letter to Calgary

We are so incredibly lucky.
That may be a strange thing to say just a few days after devastating floods tore through Calgary and southern Alberta. The muddy, brown water submerged entire towns, drenched complete neighbourhoods, washed away rail road tracks, hefty bridges and snapped trees like they were merely twigs.


Turkey in a tree house

I have slept curled up in a ball on an airport floor. In the backseat of a car. In a teepee. I have even slept under a canoe. But by far the most unique place I have ever laid my head down is in a tree house.

The Hofbräuhaus

Munich: The heart of Bavaria

Munich is the capital of stunning Bavaria in southern Germany, and boasts huge parks, architecture and a world-famous beer hall.

Antigua: A beach for every day of the year

The Caribbean island (pronounced Anti-gah) is a haven for sun seekers, thanks to its hot climate, warm waters and hundreds of white sand beaches sprinkled across both Antigua and it’s little sister island of Barbuda.