Why South America is perfect for backpackers
During a trip to South America I was shocked by the sheer number of travellers who were ‘roughing it’, and quickly came to realize that perhaps the continent is somewhat of a Mecca for budget tourists. Here are five reasons why it’s a fantastic—and popular—option for backpackers.

Patagonia itinerary: How to spend one week exploring southern Argentina
With its snow-capped mountain peaks and glacier-fed lakes, Patagonia hiking trips and trekking adventures top many bucket lists for good reason. Here’s the perfect itinerary for those who have one week to spend exploring this incredible region of Argentina.

Ice-trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina
Nature rarely fails to impress, but it really outdoes itself when it comes to the Perito Moreno Glacier. Here’s why it needs to be on your bucket list.

A photogenic journey through Argentina’s Calchaqui Valley
Rugged, dramatic landscapes, red canyons and sun-soaked vineyards make Argentina’s Calchaqui Valley the perfect place for a photography tour.

La Boca: The most photogenic stop on Buenos Aires tours
As the most colourful district in Buenos Aires, La Boca has a bohemian, artsy feel and is popular with visitors for good reason.

The complete hiking packing list for trekking in Patagonia, Argentina
Rugged outerwear, hiking boots and headlamps some of the trekking essentials for backpacking in Patagonia, Argentina. Here’s everything else you’ll want to add to your hiking packing list.

A guide to Bolivia’s breathtaking Uyuni Salt Flats
Salar de Uyuni is one of the driest places on earth—but that’s not what makes it remarkable. Instead, it’s the stark landscape that pits a vibrant blue skyline against the sparkling white earth, made entirely of salt. It’s no wonder a trip here is on many people’s bucket lists.

La Paz, Bolivia: Witches, zebras and a Moon Valley
La Paz has been described as a city unlike any other, and the second you get a glimpse of it you’ll understand why. It basically defies logic, with hundreds of thousands of tiny homes built into the side of the huge mountains right in the middle of the city.

La Paz to Uyuni, Bolivia: The worst flight ever
Once upon a time, a travel writer who has flown on everything from a blimp to sea plane to a jumbo jet finally boarded what would be the worst flight of her entire life–and frankly, can’t say she was even the least bit surprised at the outcome.

Palacio de Sal: The hotel made of salt
Deep in the heart of rural Bolivia, there is a hotel—actually, a couple of hotels—made entirely of salt. Who wouldn’t want to stay at least a night?!

Why I didn’t like Copacabana, Bolivia
Copacabana is the gateway to Isla del Sol, serving as a launching off point for the boats that shuttle tourists back and forth. When I began looking into Copa, I thought it sounded like a fun beach town. Well, there is a beach. But that’s about it.

Bogota, Colombia: Top things to do in the sprawling city
Bogota has much to offer visitors-if you don’t mind the crazy traffic-including a presidential palace, gold museum, incredible mountain views and great nightlife.

Why Cartagena is Colombia’s Caribbean treasure
If you can only choose one place to go in all of Colombia, make it Cartagena.
The incredible city feels as relaxing as an all-inclusive resort, with the added perks of having historical landmarks, fun nightlife and all the amenities found in a booming metropolis.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá: Colombia’s underground church
When I discovered there is an entire church dug out of salt in Colombia, I had to go check it out! Here’s a look at the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá.

Colombia’s Taj Mahal: A trip to Jaime Duque Park
I found the Taj Mahal in the middle of Colombia. Just a half hour drive from the capital of Bogota there’s s a place that rivals Disneyland called Jaime Duque Park.

Learning to salsa dance in Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena is the perfect place to learn to salsa dance like those hip-shaking Colombians, and you can do just that at a place appropriately called Crazy Salsa.

Quito, Ecuador’s sky-high basilica, and other top highlights
As the highest capital city in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Quito and its gorgeous historic centre should be on everyone’s must-see list.

Exploring Ecuador’s Pululahua volcano, and the hotel perched on a crater
The Pululahua geobotanical reserve is not only home to the world’s only inhabited crater, but also holds the Pululahua volcano and El Crater Hotel, perched right on the edge.

Guayaquil, Ecuador: The Malecon, and being overrun by iguanas
Guayaquil is the gateway to the Galapagos Islands, as well as being Ecuador’s largest metropolis. Best of all, it has a park full of iguanas!

Galapagos Islands cruise: A week with Ecoventura
Sunning with sea lions. Getting up close and personal with giant tortoises, before retiring to the comfort of a yacht. This is what those who explore the Galapagos Islands can look forward to, as part of the fantastic itineraries set up by Ecoventura.


Exploring the Galapagos Islands: Floreana and famous Post Office Bay
Floreana is not only home to turtles, flamingos and famous Post Office Bay, but just so happens to be one of the few Galapagos Islands inhabited by people.

Finding the rainbow in Espanola, Galapagos Islands
Espanola in the Galapagos Islands is one of my favourite spots, thanks to its spectacular scenery and fun wildlife encounters.

Exploring the Galapagos Islands: Bartolome and Sombrero Chino
Offering a spectacular view of arguably the most famous spot in the entire Galapagos Islands, the island of Bartolome is like something out of a movie.

Exploring the Galapagos Islands: San Cristobel and Kicker Rock
San Cristobel is the starting point for many visitors to the Galapagos Islands, and serves as the gateway to breathtaking Punta Pitt and Kicker Rock.

Exploring the Galapagos Islands: Tortoises in the Santa Cruz Highlands
Santa Cruz is where you’ll find those incredible Galapagos tortoises, along with the Charles Darwin research station and the cute town of Puerto Ayora.

square-galapagosThe crazy adventure of delivering a Galapagos Islands postcard
In the Galapagos Islands, there is a spot called Post Office Bay which has a long—and fun!—history, and visitors can still get in on the time honoured tradition. And in some cases it can even lead to new friendships- or at the very least, a great story!

Finding Frigatebirds on North Seymour in the Galapagos Islands
Magnificent Frigatebirds are found on North Seymour island in the Galapagos, and are famous for puffing out their bright red chests during mating season.

Animals of the Galapagos Islands
There are few places on earth that compare to the unforgettable Galapagos Islands, when it comes to the sheer amount of wildlife roaming around in completely untouched habitats. Here is a look at some of the most popular species found in the islands.

What to pack for the Galapagos Islands
A trip to the Galapagos Islands is an absolutely unforgettable, bucket list worthy experience that’s well worth the trek. If you’re lucky enough to get the chance to go, make sure you have the following items in your suitcase.

Machu Picchu: Tours, hikes and how to see the incredible wonder
Ranked as one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu does not disappoint those who make the long trip to reach the former home of the Incas.

How to get to Machu Picchu
Once you’ve decided to make the trek to Peru, the biggest question is how you’ll actually get to the famed peak.

Maccu Picchu.

Machu Picchu.

What to do in Lima, Peru
From historic buildings to celebrity hangouts and fantastic surfing spots, Lima has something for everyone and is a great place to start your South American adventure.

Huacachina, Peru—the oasis, and those crazy dune buggies!
Huacachina is literally in the oasis in the middle of a desert, surrounded by towering sand dunes and home to mesmerizing sun sets. The highlight of any stay is an afternoon spent navigating the desert via dune buggy—an experience similar to hopping on a roller coaster!

Why Cusco, Peru is worth more than a stopover
The Peruvian city of Cusco (or Cuzco) is perhaps most famous for being the gateway to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. 

Touring through Peru’s mystical Sacred Valley
While Machu Picchu may be Peru’s crown jewel, the actual journey to get there is nearly just as jaw-dropping. The Sacred Valley holds an incredible array of Inca ruins, which can all be found along the route leading up to the famed peak.

How to get around in Lima, Peru
Getting around Peru’s capital city isn’t always easy—or safe. Here are some tips for braving the airport, buses and taxis.

square-peruA village made of reeds: the Uros Reed Islands
Imagine rebuilding your entire home every few years. That’s the name of the game for the 2,000 people who live on the Uros reed islands, perched on top of glistening Lake Titicaca. 

3 things you must eat in Peru
Arguably South America’s top spot for dining, Peru has experienced a gastronomical renaissance of sorts in the past decade, as the world has finally taken notice of the delicious creations emerging from tiny kitchens around the country.

Lima airport: The sneakiest scam ever?
There are two things that really piss travellers off: long lines, and wasting money. At Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport, you get both, compliments of what just might be the sneakiest airport scam I’ve ever witnessed.

5 things travellers love about Montevideo, Uruguay
From exploring historic Ciudad Vieja to enjoying the vibrant street art and fantastic culinary scene, here’s why Montevideo is worth a visit.

A day-tripper’s guide to colourful Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Colonia rewards those who make the trip with colourful facades, vine-draped shops and palm-fringed boardwalks set within a UNESCO World Heritage Site.