Yukon - Globe Guide


In the Yukon there are more bears than humans, the sun doesn’t set for months and the Aurora Borealis dance across the night sky.

This territory in northern Canada takes some effort to get to (unless if you're in neighbouring Alaska), and it's well-worth it for the dramatic scenery found in remote areas like Tombstone Territorial Park and Kluane National Park.

In summer, piercing blue lakes are surrounded by looming mountains, wildlife sightings are frequent and vibrant pink fireweed dots the roadsides. In winter, the landscape drastically changes, and those same multi-coloured mountains are now cloaked in fluffy mounds of pure white snow, and best seen during a glacier flightseeing tour. At night, dark skies provide the perfect backdrop for a galaxy of stars and even the Northern Lights.  

Start off in the capital Whitehorse, which has a few sights around town, fun festivals and is a good base for day trips to places like Haines Junction or relaxing at the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs. Go whitewater rafting down the Tatshenshini River, hiking, or horseback riding in the summer months, and winter activities include dog sledding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

Be sure to make a trip up to Dawson City, a historic town that look like something straight out of the Wild West and is home to the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail.

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