Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

Best travel accessories: Globe Guide’s all-time favourite gear
After exploring 80+ countries and testing everything from neck pillows to toiletry bags, here are the best travel accessories I never leave home without. 

The ultimate list of little-known travel hacks
This list of the ultimate travel hacks- including why fake wallets and dryer sheets are your new best friend- will make your next trip that much easier. 

Travel hacking 101: How to get free flights
Want to fly first class for free? Here’s everything you need to know about travel hacking.

How to save money on travel (and still enjoy an epic vacation)
Your dream getaway doesn’t have to cost a fortune: here are some of the top tricks for enjoying an epic vacation without breaking the bank.

How to go on your honeymoon for free
A growing number of newlyweds are forgoing the classic Macy’s/Crate and Barrel/The Bay registries, and turning to honeymoon registries instead to fund their dream getaways.

Cheap destinations around the world you need to visit
Here are cheap destinations around the world worth hitting the ‘buy’ button for, the next time a flight deal lands in your inbox.

5 ways to save on booking a last minute holiday
When impulse strikes and a sunny destination is calling your name, here’s how to find the best last minute vacation deals.

The 5 best Canadian credit cards for travel
Want perks like lounge access, in-flight wifi and free checked bags? Here are the best Canadian credit cards for travel that you should have in your wallet.

3 things you’ll love about the new Aeroplan rewards program
Big changes are on the way for the Aeroplan rewards program. With new ways to use or earn miles and more seats on flights, here’s what program members can look forward to.

Aeroplan booking tool is a one-stop travel shop
Aeroplan members can now book car rentals and hotels in more than 50 countries, and have the option to pay with cash, by redeeming their miles, or both.

Secret tricks and tips for booking Aeroplan rewards
From ditching the taxes to building a custom itinerary, here are secret tricks and tips for booking Aeroplan flight rewards.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to plan a trip in 5 easy steps
Whether you’re dreaming of a week-long, all-inclusive vacation or a six-month backpacking jaunt, the choices can be endless. Fortunately there are some easy ways to help you decide where to go and what to see, as long as you spend a bit of effort planning ahead.

Why you need travel insurance for your group trip
From lost baggage to a medical emergency, you never know what might happen during a vacation. Here’s what you need to know about buying travel insurance, and why you definitely need it.

Safe travels: How to plan a social distancing vacation
From picking accommodation to getting around, here’s everything you need to keep in mind for planning safe travels.

The ultimate packing list for the plane
Short of ponying up some big bucks and buying a seat in First Class, here are some tips for making the best of your next flight. Warning: you may look ridiculous.

5 important travel documents you should never leave without
When technology fails, savvy travellers pull out their paper backups. Here’s a list of the travel documents you should always have handy.

A fashionista’s guide to what to pack for winter in Europe
Travel and style don’t always mix, but no fashionista wants to look sloppy- especially while abroad. Here’s what to pack for winter in Europe.

What to pack for a ski trip
There are dozens of items you’ll need to bring for your next ski trip, so print off this handy packing list before you head for the hills.

The ultimate guide to using hotel reviews to find the perfect accommodation
Booking a dream trip? Here’s what to look for in a hotel review, and how to pay it forward after check-out by sharing your own experience.

The secret to getting luxury hotel rooms for half price
The Best Rate Guarantee or price match offered by many online booking sites can lead to huge savings on hotel rooms. Here’s how to make the most of it.

How to get a hotel room upgrade (without begging)
In my quest for luxe travel on the cheap, I’ve found a lot of ways to save- including how to get a hotel room upgrade.

How my VRBO booking lead to a post-Christmas nightmare
Police involvement, blatant lies and stolen money. My review of renting through VRBO, and how the company was involved in this Christmas holiday nightmare.

10 camping tricks that will make your life easier
From pop up tents and multi-purpose coolers to tips for food prep and staying warm, here are 10 camping tricks that will make your life easier.

The ultimate list of RV tips and tricks for beginners
Whether you’re planning a quick getaway or heading off on a cross-country journey, here are some RV tips and tricks to keep in mind before setting off.

10 beauty hacks that will change the way you travel
From perfecting a ponytail to tips on packing perfume and hats, here are some of the best beauty travel hacks that you never knew existed.

The best tricks for getting a good night’s sleep while travelling
Being no stranger to things like jet lag and partiers in the room down the hall, here are my best tricks for getting a good night’s sleep while travelling.

How to avoid getting robbed while travelling
There are a number of easy precautions you can take before you even head to the airport, that will greatly increase your chances of having a hassle-free trip—and coming home with all your belongings.

5 things I learned from being robbed on the road
I learned some tough lessons after my purse with beloved possessions was swiped on vacation. Here are 5 things I learned, so the same won’t happen to you.

Top 10 mistakes people make when renting a car
Paying too much, not renting a GPS and not planning a route are just some of the mistakes people make when renting a car. Here’s what else made the top 10.

Why Air North is the best airline you’ve never heard of
Canadian airline Air North gets top marks for customer service and their flight experience. Here are just a few reasons why flyers love the tiny airline.

RV rentals by owner: How Wheel Estate can upgrade your next camping trip
An online marketplace called Wheel Estate is connecting would-be campers with rental RVs, making it easy to upgrade that weekend getaway while putting money back in owner’s pockets.

The best smartphone cases for travellers
From waterproof housings to built-in battery packs, here are some of the best smartphone cases for travellers who don’t want to lug around a camera.

The best way to keep your SD card—and memories!—safe
It turns out there is an easy way to ensure that your SD card is returned to you, in the unfortunate event that it gets lost

5 important tips for booking a cruise
Hitting the high seas is a dream getaway, but choosing the right cruise can be anything but smooth sailing. Here’s what to keep in mind when booking a cruise.

Transformative travel: Inuit homelands with Adventure Canada
Adventure Canada’s expedition cruises visit some of the most remote places on earth, focusing on active experiences, local experts and onboard programming.

Ama Waterways review: A river cruise on the delightful Danube
Ama Waterways is an elevated small cruise ship experience, with a strong focus on cuisine, active adventures and incredible attention to detail.

Review of Windstar Cruises: What to expect while cruisin’ the Caribbean
From what to expect onboard to tips for organizing your own trip, here’s what you need to know about the sailing experience and my review of Windstar Cruises.

Cruise comparisons: How to choose the right cruise ship
Between ocean liners, river cruises and charters, there are many ways to explore by boat. These cruise comparisons will help you choose the right one.

19 reasons to book a Viking River Cruise
Cruising is a fantastic way to explore amazing destinations without any effort. Here are 19 reasons you should book a Viking River Cruise.

The differences between a Viking River and Viking Ocean cruise
From on-board amenities to dining and tours, here are a few differences you can expect depending on if you’re enjoying a Viking River or Viking Ocean cruise

On a boat: How to save money on your cruise
Trips to the Caribbean usually cost at least $2000 per person, but a week-long cruise to the area will only set you back an average of $600 plus flight—not to mention you’ll enjoy five-star dining and get to see a number of different islands.

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